Atari Announces Ataribox Pre-orders Start Thursday

SUNNYVALE, California –Atari Inc. has announced that pre-orders of the Ataribox will start on Thursday, according to the CNET report which is based on the email from Atari.

Rumors of the Ataribox have risen on June 2017. In July 2017, the new classic retro console was formally unveiled to the public, especially the gamers. The Atari 2600 was shown in two different styles, a black and red console or a wood-like look. Earlier reports have stated that the device isn’t just for gaming, but it will also deliver a full PC experience.

The Ataribox will have an AMD processor and a Linux operating system. Gamers can play both the classic games and the mid-tier games. The company will be selling the device ranging from $250 to $300. Atari originally plans to sell the devices through the Indiegogo campaign, yet it is still unclear if they will use the crowdfunding approach. On Thursday, the possibility of launching the campaign and selling it through an unorthodox way is very positive.

The Ataribox was based on the classic 1977 Atari 2600 console before the rise of the gaming console giant, Nintendo Entertainment System. However, the specifications and information about the new device haven’t been publicized yet.

Atari Announces Ataribox Pre-orders Start Thursday

Here are the top 5 nostalgic games of Atari Inc.:

  1. Pong(1977)

Pong was the first game that was developed by Atari. It is one of the influential video games and was the first to gain mainstream popularity. The game has 2 players which controlled the table tennis paddles. Pong is simple. However, it is very addictive.

  1. Adventure(1979)

The game may look simple by the modern standards as game characters are square, and fierce dragons look like ducks. But in 1979, Adventure was such a revelation. It was an action-adventure game and one of the first games that included an Easter egg. However, the game lacked graphics.

  1. Space Invaders(1980)

This game proved that the Atari 2600 system has a good port. This game is played by controlling a canon on the ground, and then shooting it up at tons of aliens formed in rows that move across your screen. As the tempo and sound effects beat fast, so are the aliens moving faster and faster.

  1. Asteroids(1981)

This time the Atari port has changed its vector graphics into chunks of pixels, and players were still satisfied because the gameplay is just like the original one. Gamers can pilot the spaceship across the screen and break up many asteroids while dodging flying saucers. This game had influenced the present games like Geometry Wars and Super Stardust HD.

  1. Pac-Man(1982)

The Pac-Man sold millions of copies worldwide, but gamers aren’t satisfied with its inferior port unlike the original Pac-Man.

The earliest supporters of the device will get a discount when Atari goes live on the Indiegogo website. However, the discount percent or price still remains to be a mystery. The pre-order offering is limited edition to sell out the Ataribox quickly like the Nintendo minis.

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