All-Cheetos Restaurant Stops By NYC This Week

TV Chef Anne Burrell is getting Tribecca fired up with a new Cheetos Restaurant opening up in the next couple days!

Burrell is an unforgettable television personality, and she also just recently opened new Brooklyn restaurant Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge.

The Spotted Cheetah is on West Broadway and according to the website for the dates of Aug 15-17th.

The entire website looks as if Cheetos’ mascot Chester Cheetah did the copy.

A few of the delicious menu items are leaning towards a more advanced “upscale” feel, split up in to “The Big Cheese” “Sweet Spot” and “Dangerous Cheesy Starters”. These include white Cheetos crust, flamin’ hot Limon chicken tacos that come with “purrfectly fried green tomatoes”. Cheetos Sweetos crusted cheese cake. Cheetos meatballs to whatever you think Cheetos adds a more kick too.

Prices of dishes range from $8 to $22 bucks.

Here is a photo of the particularly cringe-worthy Cheetos meatballs:

Cheetos Restaurant


Make a reservation for the restaurant here.


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