Comcast Overhauled Xfinity TV with the Xfinity Stream

Comcast announced the launching of the Xfinity Stream mobile app by the end of this month. This mobile app is the successor of the Comcast Xfinity TV. This new mobile app was developed to bring the Xfinity X1 service to your mobile phone. With this, Comcast cable subscribers can enjoy access to live TV, on-demand TV programming, DVR recordings, and so much more. The app will still serve as an internet TV service just like the Xfinity TV that it replaced.

If you already have the Comcast Xfinity TV, you can automatically upgrade your app to the Comcast Xfinity Stream without extra charges. If not, the new mobile app will be available on Android and iOS by February 28. The app is accessible through the subscribers’ home Wi-Fi and outside the home.

The new Comcast Xfinity Stream will provide subscribers access to 200 plus live televisions channels as streaming TV, saved contents to their DVR, and a collection of 40,000 plus on-demand movie and television show titles when outside the home. Some of the accessible TV channels are news networks like CNN, BBC World, Fox News, and MSNBC. Sports channels included are NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and ESPN. Kids’ networks are also available such as Disney Channel, Nick Jr., and Sprout.

The full channel lineup of your cable TV subscription is accessible when you are connected to the home network.

With this channel lineup, you can access key channels when you are outside of the house. You can readily access important news on your mobile phone. If you are traveling with your kids, you can easily entertain them with kids’ channels from the Comcast Xfinity Stream. You can also watch live sports telecasts on your commute. Also, you can always show your friends the memories you’ve captured by accessing your DVR recordings.

In addition to these features, subscribers will also have media ratings and reviews coming from Common Sense Media, Spanish language guide, channel filtering service, music channels, and other features offered by the TV app Xfinity X1.

Currently, Comcast has not yet released the appearance of the Xfinity Stream’s interface. It’s accessibility and user-friendliness is yet to be assessed.

Moreover, subscribers should be aware that currently, the entire TV lineup is available on Xfinity Stream for mobile devices when connected to the home Xfinity Wi-Fi network. Outside of the home, channel availability is limited as per dictated by content rights. This app is said to cater to subscribers who want to watch TV with their mobile devices such as a phone or a tablet as their primary screen. Comcast still aims to continue developing and adding features and capabilities to this mobile app.

Overall, with the features and limitations being offered by the Comcast Xfinity Stream on mobile devices, you already have a wide array of entertainment and shows to choose from. If you wish to have access to the entire channel lineup, you can easily do that by connecting to the home Wi-Fi network. This new mobile app is a new way to access cable TV on your mobile device.


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