Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone and iPad

One of the challenges the game surveillance encounters is transferring image files from a memory card to another gadget. Aside from the fact that transferring files consumes a lot of time, it is also inconvenient to bring an additional item such as a bulky laptop or a PC. The hunting supply company, Common Hunter, offers a solution to this through its trail camera viewer.

The Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer is designed to speed up the method of moving image files from the camera to an iPhone or an iPad. This camera viewer simplifies and hastens a hunter’s task of managing the photos during exploration. This makes it an essential gadget that will make a hunter’s scouting experience a whole lot easier. This dependable camera viewer allows the user to clearly see every angle taken by the trail camera on his Apple gadget. Through this device, photos can be easily downloaded, saved, sent or deleted.

Ease of Use

Since game surveillance needs to be quick and unobtrusive, the Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer was designed to work flawlessly once plugged into a device, without the user making any adjustment. This convenience is just exactly what every hunter will need during exploration stage.

Once connected to your iPad or iPhone version 5 and up, the camera viewer automatically copies the image files from the memory card. There is no need to download other application for the file transfer. Even traditional hunters who are not too familiar with technology will not have a hard time using this device.


Weighing roughly 1.6 ounces, the trail camera viewer has a polymer casing that protects the micro-SD card and its slot. The camera viewer displays photos saved in RAW and JPEG formats.  H.264 and MPEG-4 video files can also be played back. Moreover, it allows a maximum image size of 64 GB to display and copy.

It also boasts of a lightning extender that allows the users to have control over the Apple device and the camera viewer.

While Common Hunter declares no specific speed of the camera viewer’s data transfer, this aspect proves a strength of the product as transferring of files prove to be speedy regardless of the file size.

Money Back Guarantee

Furthermore, what is best about this product is that it is covered by Common Hunter’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Within 30 days from purchase, a buyer can return the product and get his full money back if he is not satisfied with it.

Room for Improvement

While the gadget is certainly convenient to use, the Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer can still be enhanced. First, its manufacturer needs to work on the product’s ability to move an entire photo for display. Another thing to improve is the camera viewer’s resilience. Most reviews online note several instances of gadget failure after some time of use.

Despite some issues to be resolved, the Common Hunter Trail Camera Viewer is a sensible investment for any hunter who needs a convenient plug-and-play device when scouting. It will give any hunter the flexibility to strategize his location during a hunt.

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