DMV Approves Qualcomm, Hopes to Reduce Road Accidents

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –To address the alarming road accidents caused by human error, the state of California recently approved Qualcomm to lead the development of potentially flawless self-driving automobiles.

Qualcomm is known as the top manufacturer of computer chips and processors but is now on the get-go to develop the latest revolution on car driving.

Based on the press release posted on Digital Trends, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allowed Qualcomm to develop their version of a self-driving car last December 12. The DMV is expecting that Qualcomm will reduce the 94 percent of road accidents induced by human errors or 33,000 losses of lives annually.

Qualcomm is not the sole company putting its top class to create a perfect self-driving car as other automobile companies like Uber Apple, Tesla Motors, Waymo, BMW, and Volkswagen are also exerting their efforts to produce the ideal driver-less vehicle. As per report, Qualcomm is just starting to enter the car manufacturing or designing spectra, but with its reputation as a top-caliber computer chip provider, the issue on reliability does not matter.

According to Qualcomm official, they will do their best and will dish out their most excellent talents to realize the dream of having a fully self-driving car in a not so distant future.

They further pointed out that they will improve that latest concept of a self-driving car.

DMV Approves Qualcomm, Hopes to Reduce Road Accidents

To note, the mechanism of a self-driving car that majority of car companies are framing requires the presence of a backup driver. This is what Qualcomm wants to change. They said that they would design a chip that is capable of intelligently detecting the roads, including other vehicles, and all the traffic protocols, without any assistance from a backup driver.

Qualcomm and other companies are united that the benefits of self-driving cars are beyond the common perception of lessening the road accidents. According to them, self-driving vehicle may also bring the following: there is no chance or opportunity for a computer system to be distracted, so the travel is always safe; persons with disabilities will get the chance of getting a more reliable ride once the use of self-driving car is implemented; and lastly is the savings that self-driving cars will bring because there is no need to spend in building mass transportation system.

Meanwhile, there are also people who are against to the development of self-driving cars. Some of the cited disadvantages are car owners need a longer time to get their car on the road as they need to undergo additional technical training on how to operate their vehicle, the cost of this technology is beyond the belt of most people as it may require an additional $100,000, there will still be road accidents or mishaps if the use of self-driving cars is not well-adapted by the majority of people, self-driving cars are not dependable in extreme weather, and finally is the issue on securing personal data.

Despite some doubts, Qualcomm is still confident that it will solve the problem on road accidents soon.


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