E3 Expo 2017 Top Game News, Announcements, and Highlights

The press conferences for E3 Expo 2017 have ended, but the excitement for some of the major announcements has yet to die down. There are countless hype reels, hardware updates, and game release announcements. However, there are only a few that stood out to avid gamers.

These are the biggest stories and highlights from the E3 Expo 2017.

2 Metroid Games from Nintendo

It has been a while since Nintendo made any Metroid games and now they will be releasing not just one but two Metroid titles. The company announced and teased during E3 Press Conference 2017 the coming of Metroid Prime 4, but there is still no release date or any additional information for the game except for its title card. There should be updates about the game soon.

As a bonus for Nintendo’s Treehouse live stream, they also announced Metroid: Samus Returns, a side-scrolling type of 3DS game, which will be out soon on the 15th of September. It is a re-imagination of the popular Metroid II title for the Game Boy.

Sony’s Remake of Shadow of the Colossus

During E3 Expo 2017, Sony showed games that they have also shown at last year’s conference. However, there was one game that became the highlight of the presentation: the remake of Team ICO’s Shadow of the Colossus. It was revealed that the game will be available for the PS4 in 2018. That is still a year to wait but the remake might be worth it.

The new Shadow of the Colossus wouldn’t be a simple remaster but will be a total remake. The game will be fully updated to make the most of the PS4’s hardware. Shadow of the Colossus was already one of the greatest video games ever made, and there should not be any reason that the remake wouldn’t be as good, if not better, than the original.

Monster Hunter for Consoles and PCs

Monster Hunter is a famous and well-loved action RPG (role-playing game) series. The series will now have a multi-platform game thanks to Monster Hunter World, which had a demo during the E3 Press Conference of Sony’s event.

While the Monster Hunter series has only been available on handhelds, its many elements such as open world exploration, co-op monster hunting, and loot grinding will surely work excellently when used on consoles. This news will provide several significant changes to the series, and it will be out soon in 2018. The new Monster Hunter game will be able to support four-player co-op along with an online drop-in multiplayer system that can allow cross-region cooperative play for gamers in Japan and the West.

The Newest Xbox One X

During E3 Press Conference 2017, Microsoft unveiled the newest member of the Xbox family: the Xbox One X, which was previously called Project Scorpio. It was first announced during the E3 Conference last year, but its powerful hardware was just glimpsed a few months ago. During the press conference, Microsoft announced the release date for the Xbox One X, which is on the 7th of November. The console will be sold for $499.

The Xbox One X is considered to be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is set to run certain games at about 4K/60 frames per second. Along with the new Xbox One X, Microsoft has also teased the launch of Forza Motorsport 7, which now features a new record of 700 cars for the game series.

Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

Microsoft also announced it newest Surface Pro during the E3 Expo 2017. The latest Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 has been available for demo purposes in Microsoft Stores, but it was made available on the 15th of June.

It was designed to compete with Apple and was specially developed for people who are using the iPad Pro. However, Microsoft claimed that it boasts of a richer full app experience, especially with Microsoft Office, but it is still as powerful as the MacBook Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017’s 7th Generation Core processor is an upgrade from its previous processor and has an increase of 50% in battery life. From the mere 9 hours of video playback using the battery, it now has about 13.5 hours total.

E3 Expo 2017 might be over, but the impressions of the E3 highlights and news are just beginning to make waves.

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