Evidence Shows Apple Is Purposely Slowing Phone With Continued Use

MANHATTAN, NY – Geekbench developer John Poole had just gathered enough evidence that Apple is intentionally slowing down the functions of their products as it gets older.

It all started out as a conspiracy theory that Apple was purposely decelerating the functions of their devices when the battery gets older. The purpose was to lessen the possibilities of the phones and tablets from weakening the battery. The concept was gotten from the fact that the faster a device is working, the more power it extracts from the battery.

Despite being tagged as a conspiracy theory, John Poole finally wrapped up enough evidence to prove that the whole thing was more than just a mere hypothesis. Even the company admitted to Poole’s claims.

Because lithium-ion batteries naturally deteriorate over time, thus storing less and less power, the company decided to cut down on performance as the phone gets older. Since most people use mobile phones on a daily basis, the process of battery degrading happens a lot faster. With that, it becomes necessary for the company to limit the speed of their mobile phones so as to prevent the battery of these phones from draining easily.

Evidence Shows Apple Is Purposely Slowing Phone With Continued Use

Even though the phone company is slowing down mobile phones, the decision still turns out to be beneficial for users because they will not have to randomly experience phone shutdowns due to low battery.

However, there is still one major issue tied with Apple products. First of all, considering that iPhones cost around $700 to $1,000-plus, it does not appear to be fair for buyers to have their phone be dysfunctional in only over a year.

Limiting the speed of an iPhone is one way to prevent battery issues. However, the company could have just easily switched better batteries for the iPhone to suit the price range that they are giving it.

On the other hand, the company could just offer a battery replacement so that their customers could come to them whenever their battery is starting to deteriorate.

The way the company is treating their products appears that all their products need to be replaced after a year or so of use. With that, a new theory has emerged – the company uses the technique to boost their sales.

Many people have noticed that the company starts to limit the speed of their current iPhone as soon as they are starting to promote a new one, being their tactic to encourage making a new purchase.

However, there is no reassurance seeing as there are still a lot of pieces that are missing from the puzzle. With that, there is no telling if people’s accusations are true.

The only thing people are sure about is that the company has started to conduct battery degrading to iPhone ES, 6, and 6S. It was not clear if the company had already done the same tactics to older iPhone. If not, that means that there is indeed a battery degradation problem that needs fixing. However, if it is the other way around then the story can still be steered to the other direction.

Despite how the company is looking, this issue cannot be exclusive to Apple products. Certainly, even other brands go through malfunctions after they have been used for over a year.

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