Facebook Live Enables To Air Your Messenger Games

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – With Facebook’s first year of having games featured in its Messenger application, the social media top-choice is introducing new features on its latest messaging app update with the help of Facebook Live. The said update will enable any Facebook user to live stream with their friends and broadcast their Facebook Messenger game experience through Facebook Live.

The said new feature would allow any user to air their Everwing performance. Everwing is considered the most played Facebook Messenger game where you can relatively challenge your friends to a milestone battle or fight games bosses and monsters all together.

Broadcasting your game via Facebook Live is made easy by the development team. Whilst you are in the game, you can press the camera icon to capture and showcase your real-time play time to your Facebook friends.

Moreover, there are more updates that Facebook will offer to the users in 2018. Early next year, the social networking giant will allow its users to play games via the Messenger app with video chat. This will help users to compete with their set of friends on a real-time basis.

Facebook aims to create a deeper connection amongst its user across the globe. With these updates, the social networking giant wants to solidify friendships and family bonds while using the Facebook application and sharing real-time reactions via the power of video chatting.

Facebook Live Enables To Air Your Messenger Games

The said video chat-enabled game would be implemented first in Words with Friends. The app will allow users to see different reactions of their friends while playing the game, leaving comments, enabling reactions, and sharing the fun to a niche group of their choice.

Facebook Live is also an outlet to share skills and gain reactions from your friends’ list. Moreover, this will allow users to gather attention and create variation whether personal or corporate.

To top it all off, Facebook will also be adding new games to the Messenger app by next year. This will include and highlight one of the most top-charting game, Angry Birds. The said game will feature special modes and upgraded game controls which are set to launch in the first quarter of 2018.

Another new Messenger app game, which is in the pipeline, is Sonic Jump developed and published by SEGA. Rest assured, it will give users the same great experience from the original version of the game through the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook is committed to continuously improving their offerings, even though it is already number one in the preferred social media platform for a long time. Mark Zuckerberg, together with his developers, is working hard to make every feature work and give special experience for Facebook users.

Through all these, Facebook prides itself on developing more impressive features that everyone will enjoy.

Further, Facebook Live is set to have more action and usage come 2018, as it will be used not only for plain and ordinary video broadcasting but also for games to be shared. This will work best, most especially for gamers and other video and game enthusiasts. Indeed, there is so much more to look forward next year.

Last update was on: May 1, 2023 10:22 am

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