Facebook Targets Better Posts Through Its Post-prediction Feature


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Since updates are being talked about, Facebook will get into post-prediction that focuses on giving more useful posts. Friendster and MySpace are two of the known social media sites that have been edged by Facebook. Some users say that it was because of some irrelevant updates launched by the two social media sites that their users do not enjoy anymore.

However, Facebook nowadays launched numerous updates.But still, it has billions of loyal users around the world. Hours ago, Mark Zuckerberg released a long Facebook post from his account pertaining to the usability of the site. On the same post, he said that he and his team focus on making its users’ time worth spending on it. Zuckerberg admits receiving comments about the business sites and accounts covering the intimate posts that are supposed to be prioritized.

Facebook has been very vulnerable and open to the public and its users. Facebook’s new post-prediction aims to filter some business links and brand advertisements from crowding and hindering meaningful discussion between its users.

Zuckerberg, on behalf of his team, said that they value better their users’ online communication and interactions. They have come up with this post-prediction plan since 2017, but they knew they will need enough and reasonable time for this goal to reflect on all of their products. Beforehand, they made an exclusive research in partnership with the high-end universities and experts. As a result, it says that using social media to interact with our friends and loved ones is a good happiness booster. It served as their drive to proceed with the post-prediction plan.

Facebook Targets Better Posts Through Its Post-prediction Feature

As this team’s focus continues, Facebook users can expect the changes in the News Feed. Business links from other independent sites and brand advertisements will be less visible. More sensible public contents are also expected. Zuckerberg gave an example about this for the better understanding of the concern.

For example, people are getting interactive through the site’s Facebook Live feature which made people talk about relevant issues and urgent concerns. However, videos that are playing without even tapping it or playing without the intention to watch it is something that is not in the users’ control.

The Facebook CEO on the same post cleared his intention about the system changes and updates. He is expecting for the lesser time people will spend on using Facebook. Nonetheless, he also expects to give the users the quality service that will make the less time spent on Facebook more sensible and meaningful. The recent change will push the site itself to become its better version and predicted to fuel the business to go a longer way in the industry.

On the last part of the post, Zuckerberg assures people that Facebook will always serve the best bridge that connects not only continents but also the people themselves. Along with it, he also assures people that he and his team with the post-prediction feature will secure that the time people are going to spend with Facebook is spent wisely.


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