Firefox Browser Dumps Yahoo, Has Google as New Search Provider

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Mozilla is the company behind the famous Firefox browser that has just launched another version that is said to be significantly faster than Google Chrome.

More than releasing a new Firefox browser, Mozilla’s new brain child also came with some news about the whole system that shocked a lot of users. Yahoo was not included in their browser, but it is still unclear who dumped whom. This was stated after the company signed a new deal to have Google on board with them, and it was first seen during their launch.

There are still a lot of unknowns about the issue even after the new product was out. However, it is a definite fact that for the latest Firefox browser that Mozilla has released, users now have Google as their new default search provider. It is for both desktop and mobile browsers for various states and countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Verizon Communications was a bit stunned with the move by Google to reclaim its place as the default search engine for the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. Verizon is now the owner of Yahoo.

While Google confirmed its deal with Mozilla last October, like the latter, the company refused to divulge their revenue sharing terms enclosed in their agreement. Still, the primary concern for the growing spending of the Google company is its move to be the primary search provider for devices like the iPhone of Apple Incorporated. Its aim of becoming the main search engine for various applications is also a significant addition to the company’s expenses.

Firefox Browser Dumps Yahoo, Has Google as New Search Provider

The chief business and legal officer for Mozilla, Denelle Dixon, said that the company’s decision was mainly based on several factors such as doing what the team found best for their brand. She said that the need to provide a high-quality web search as well as a much broader content for every user was a factor that led to the decision. Dixon added that the company believes that there are still opportunities for them to work with Verizon and Oath, but it would probably be outside of search.

The termination of the Yahoo agreement by Google caught Verizon off guard, as what the company stated recently. The spokesman for the Oath unit of Verizon which oversees Yahoo, Charles Stewart, said that they were surprised by themove from Mozilla. Discussions about the terms of their previous agreement were made, but it seemed without the point that the partnership of Mozilla and Google is already out now.

The latest switch between the two famous search providers came after Mozilla announced its new Firefox Quantum browser which is 30% lighter and faster than Google Chrome.

Google was the search provider for the Firefox browser for about a decade, but it ended in 2014 except in Europe. It was replaced by regional rivals like Yandex in Russia, Baidu Inc. in China, and Yahoo. It was after Marissa Mayer, the former chief executive of Yahoo, won a 5-year contract with Mozilla.

This issue about Mozilla dumping Yahoo and going back with Google might be a news before the recent release of the Firefox Quantum. Some people are still quite curious of what happened. Now that the latest Firefox browser seems to be boasting its “ending the wait face” advertisement, a lot of people are asking what went wrong between Mozilla and Yahoo that sparked this change.

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