Fitbit Tracks Sleep: The Latest App for Wellness and Fitness

Fitbit’s latest Blaze application update brings physical wellness to a higher level as Fitbit tracks sleep with its Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights.

According to Gadgets and Wearables, this latest update enables to record how much rapid eye movement (REM) a typical person is getting each night. Additionally, It can also detect how much Deep and Light sleep a person has during their night’s sleep. With these accurate readings, one can get a 30-day average and target data.

When Fitbit tracks a person’s sleep, it obtains “sleeping” information. The information is acquired by calculating the combined data of the accelerometer, heart rate variability, and the algorithms accurately and uniquely created by Fitbit.

This latest update of Fitbit also provides a personalized guide on how to greatly improve a person’s sleep. The app will make use of the stats received from all activities and diet measures the person records with the app.

“The more you wear your tracker to bed, the more personalized insights you may receive,” Ivan Jovin of Gadgets and Wearables proudly announced. “You can choose to like or dislike each insight and send feedback directly to Fitbit’s team.

This latest Fitbit development shows the great importance of having good quality sleep because it contributes to the wellness as well as the physical, emotional and mental development of a person. As Fitbit tracks sleep, a person’s entire health and well-being are also monitored.

“How we sleep affects everything we do. When we don’t sleep well, it affects every aspect of our health and our relationships,” Rand’s behavioral and social scientist, Wendy Troxel, stressed out.

More App Updates

Aside from Fitbit tracks sleep, its latest app updates also provide proper breathing method through its Guided Breathing Sessions. In the Relax Screen, one has to go to the Sync Now option. Therefore, one can choose between a 2-minute and a 5-minute breathing session.

Another interesting Fitbit update is its Cardio Fitness. In Charge 2, one’s fitness level can be identified, and a snapshot is reflected on the screen. This feature can be achieved through the app’s Cardio Fitness Score. The estimated VO2 Max can be calculated based on the user’s profile and the heart rate at rest.

Many experts lauded this feature as the Cardio Fitness Level compares the user to those of the same gender and age. The fitness level is also being gauged from Poor to Excellent. According to most of Fitbit’s users, this is the best way to monitor someone’s general fitness level.

The Cardio Fitness Level app update also serves as a personalized guide on how to improve one’s exercise frequency, intensity, and weight target strategy. The VO2 Max can increase up to twenty percent through the improvements of exercise routine alone.

For Healthier Body and Mind

This latest Fitbit’s app update does not only showcase how Fitbit tracks sleep, but it also covers a more updated approach in this digital age for a healthier body and mind.

Together with this app update are also three new designs of Fitbit watch.

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