Google Chrome Installer Removed From Microsoft Windows Store

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – According to a spokesperson of Microsoft in one of their statements, they have decided to remove the Google Chrome Installer application from their Microsoft Store for the reason that it violates the store’s policies.

This drastic move was made by Microsoft after Google published their Google Chrome Installer app in the Microsoft Windows Store just earlier today. The app directs users and buyers to a download link where they can install the browser. From what the company said about the issue, this move from Google was an apparent snub to the Windows Store, and Microsoft is not scared of taking action.

Microsoft says that their action is in line with the company’s value of ensuring that applications will be able to provide both unique and specific values to their products. They also said that they welcome Google if ever they want to build another Microsoft Store browser that would be compliant with the Microsoft Store policies. However, that invitation from them is unlikely to be accepted by Google.

There are several reasons why it is unlikely that Google will bring Chrome in the Windows Store, the primary being the Windows 10 S restrictions of Microsoft. It includes Windows Store applications that will browse the web required to use either JavaScript or HTML engines that are provided by Windows 10. However, when it comes to the Chrome browser, Google has its Blink rendering engine that they are using.

Google Chrome Installer Removed From Microsoft Windows Store

That means that if Google would want to have a browser app that would adhere to the policies of Microsoft Store, they need to craft a unique Chrome app.

However, most of the Windows 10 machines don’t even run Windows 10 S. So there would be so little advantage in creating yet another special Chrome version just to be included in the Windows Store. Packaging the existing Google desktop application and adding it in the Centennial Windows Store application is also out of the question. It is because Microsoft has also been explicit about store apps that need to use the old Edge rendering engine.

The installer app that Google created is mainly to combat all the fake Google Chrome Installer applications that are available in the Windows Store. It has been a problem that Microsoft is still trying to address and eliminate.

The workaround process of installing the Google’s Chrome browser has already been removed and eliminated from the Windows Store. It means that Windows 10 users don’t have a choice anymore except to use the Microsoft edge in looking for Chrome download site if they want to use Google’s browser.

This recent news, however, is not the first time that Google and Microsoft have some misunderstanding when it comes to browsers and platforms. Both the companies have already battled before over the YouTube application for Windows Phone. Microsoft has also targeted the battery usage of Chrome and the Scroogled commercials of Google.

No one really knows if the battle between the two companies ends with the Google Chrome Installer being removed from the Windows Store, and Google has not commented on this latest news of the app removal either.

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