Google Releases Android 8.1 Beta for Its Pixel 2 Smartphone

MANHATTAN, NY – Google has recently released its latest preview of Android 8.1 beta version. The said update is a minimal update of Android Oreo. It is due for official wide release in December 2017.

The Android 8.1 operating system (OS) update of Google does not have much of a major and remarkable fix. Yet, Google is offering something very special to Pixel 2 smartphone users through the upgraded Android OS.

Upon updating their devices, Pixel 2 owners can experience a vast support for their phone’s Visual Core. This Visual Core is the mobile device’s imaging chip that the tech giant included since but was not prepared to activate yet. Thus, this Android 8.1 update release serves as the time for Google to comprehensively dispense such development.

The Visual Core chip is the first-ever device processor made for the consumer public designed by Google. The said chip solely dedicates its service to image processing that, when activated, makes the mobile device take photos in a quicker manner.

Moreover, the Visual Core chip features certain improvement on the Pixel 2’s camera. It allows the camera application of the mobile device that uses the right application programming interface (API) to take photographs with the use of Google’s HDR+ effect. In addition, the main objective of the Visual Core chip present on the Android 8.1 update is to speed up Pixel 2’s overall performance.

Google Releases Android 8.1 Beta for Its Pixel 2 Smartphone

Users can immediately download the 8.1 beta update by signing up for Google’s Android Beta Program. This program allows users to preview and test the latest released update on any of their supported Android devices.

Users who signed up for Google’s Android Beta Program will also receive various updates regarding soon-to-launch products and services and other update announcements from the tech giant.

Users can enjoy automatic beta updates on their enrolled devices. The automation shall offer the supported gadget a firsthand download option of any recent update releases. Furthermore, users can also opt to uninstall the beta preview from their devices if they wish to.

For all that, other supported devices of the said beta program are Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL.

Having the Android Beta Program allows Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone to commit itself to bringing out the best user experience by being a fast-engaging device. Thus, with the tech giant’s latest Android OS update, it will further speed up its photo-capturing duty.

Google has strived hard to give their users an outstanding photo-capturing performance that will make Pixel 2 and their other devices stand out among its market competitors.

More so, the said Android OS update may work well with other third-party mobile applications. Users do not need to worry much about the compatibility of the application with their newly updated Android OS.

Android users can expect the wide launch of Android 8.1 beta version before the end of the year 2017. To get the hook of the preview, it is suggested that users try out the beta version through the Android Beta Program.

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