Google’s CES Exhibit Aims to Teach Users With the Help of Assistant


LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Google has no public presence at CES.

Over the years, the world-renowned search engine firm would make deals, take meetings, work with their partners, employ their staff, and explore exhibits. However, they have no public presence.

This year, however, things are going to change as the company launches their first ever Google Assistant.

This latest offer has taken the city by storm. The place is full of posts and billboards, promoting the company’s most recent product.

People in Las Vegas feel that they live in a Google city because all they see are these print ads and marketing campaigns wherever they go.

However, these billboards and post ads are not the focus of their promotion. The main attraction of this effort is the installation of a three-story booth, which was set up in a parking space in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The booth is like a small house full of several floors and giant LED displays and with a coffee bar at the rooftop.

There is also a blue corkscrew slide that works like an elevator. Hence, guests can go up and down the three-story booth to visit the floor that they want.

If passersby take a look at the entire booth, they can say that it has a “Google touch” to it.

The reason they built this small infrastructure outside the convention center was to promote Google Assistant. As the name suggests, this product works like a virtual assistant if it is used in the office or a virtual maid if it is used at home.

Google’s CES Exhibit Aims to Teach Users With the Help of Assistant

Its purpose is to keep CES discussions around Google’s virtual assistant and not on Amazon’s, which has been going on for the past CES events.

The exhibit presents all products that are integrated with Google Assistant, such as lights, entertainment,and kitchen appliances. These devices aim not only to complete the tasks easier but also to live a more relaxed life.

With just one touch of a button, users can do whatever they like. They can use it as an organizer to remind them of their meetings or to clean the entire room without doing it themselves.

Furthermore, the exhibit aims to show everyone how each Assistant-enabled product can work together. Many demos explain how this device can control your home appliances and gadgets.

In other words, these demos show how it can change your day-to-day activities – from watching your favorite TV show to attending a meeting.

While Google had demos to show everyone how Google Assistant works, it did not showcase a “wow” factor that would make Amazon users switch to their product. The features of Google Assistant are almost the same as Amazon’s Alexa.

However, the way it interlinks multiple demands together is a useful thing. Nonetheless, these functions do not make the house a smart home but more of a remote-controlled shelter.

These demonstrations were relatively impressive, but they did not show how it was like living in a smart home.

Maybe next year, Google can offer that need to their users.


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