Hinge’s New “Your Turn” Feature Helps Avoid Match Ghosting

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – The new “Your Turn” feature that was made available today allows Hinge users to have the option of inviting another user to start a conversation.

One of the problems when it comes to dating applications is ghosting. It happens for a lot of reasons whether people get bored, not ready to date, or maybe a person is just not that into another person. However, there are also those that make ghosting accidental because they have forgotten about a match. For this kind of people who’ve developed harmless ghosting, the Hinge dating app has made the latest “Your Turn” feature to help.

According to Justin McLeod, the Hinge CEO, ghosting is just a minor problem in an app like Hinge where people are matched through their shared acquaintances. However, he also said that people often need or want the clarity when it comes to the person that should start the conversation. McLeod even added that to significantly reduce ghosting in the app, they have decided to create the “Your Turn” feature that will give a reminder to a user that it is their turn to reply or start a conversation.

The CEO also added that they asked Hinge users what are mostly the reasons for ghosting. While it is usually a shorthand expression for an unexplained and abrupt exit from a relationship, a lot of Hinge users said that it often happens because people forgot about it or got busy. Ghosting doesn’t necessarily mean a person has lost interest.

Hinge’s New “Your Turn” Feature Helps Avoid Match Ghosting

McLeod even said that the problem about ghosting in dating apps is usually not about ignoring people. It is more of having an awkward crush, and both are hesitant to start a conversation. He added that what they are trying to do is to help users make a decision consciously if they want to have a conversation right now instead of putting it off until much later leaving the other person confused.

While people who use apps like Hinge want to get a date and that involves starting a conversation, Hinge still wants to settle the dilemma of ghosting for its users and prevent any awkward self-doubt.

The new Hinge feature also provides an option of hiding a match as a way to reduce the clutter. It also eliminates cases of ghosting because of a messy inbox. However, when a new message arrives, the hidden thread will reappear back in your matches. While this new feature of hiding a match can be another way for people to ghost someone, the CEO pointed out that they made it as a quick way to remove a conversation when you’re done with it. This can be for cases when the conversation already died or when you have traded numbers.

McLeod also said that they pride themselves when it comes to giving the same user experience regardless of the user’s sexual orientation or gender. He said that what they are trying to create is a way to help people connect or interact with each other better than before.

While there is no easy and sure way to avoid ghosting from a dating app, this new “Your Turn” feature in Hinge helps improve cases of accidental ghosting.

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