How Apple MacBook Air Started a New Era for Laptops

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – When Steve Jobs launched the MacBook Air 10 years ago, he didn’t know that his invention would change the world. The world’s thinnest notebook came from the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs. They always say that three apples changed the world: the apple used by the serpent to tempt Adam and Eve, the apple that inspired Isaac Newton’s Theory of Gravity, and, finally, the apple that almost everyone in the world has in the palm of their hands, Steve Job’s Apple.

Just a few days after the Consumer Electronics Show held annually, which was also the time when Bill Gates said goodbye to Microsoft, Apple’s Macworld 2008 happened. This was the moment when Steve Jobs introduced the gadget that would change the face of technology forever – the MacBook Air. Steve Jobs shocked the crowd when he pulled out a very thin laptop from a tiny piece of office envelope.

At that time, there were many other light and thin laptops available on the market which were typically around 1-inch thick. It weighed about three pounds, and it had an 8-or 11-inch displays. Some of the laptop competitors didn’t even have a full-size keyboard, but the tech giant managed to provide the world with MacBook Air. It was an unforgettable moment in the world of engineering; it started the new era for laptops.

January 15 was the anniversary of the launched of the world’s thinnest laptop by Apple. Every good thing in the world came with a price, and Apple’s newest addition to the family was not necessarily cheap. If there is one thing Apple does best, it’s being first. Controversy is also a name that is best associated with Apple. The recent discussion on the removal of iPhone’s headphone jack eventually set the course for its future, much similar to when Apple decided to let go of the CD drive in its laptops.

How Apple MacBook Air Started a New Era for Laptops

Apple bid farewell to several ranges of ports and the CD drive when it comes to their latest invention. Instead, they launched a multi-touch trackpad as well as an SSD storage. It features USB 2.0 and micro-DVI ports and a headphone jack. It was the clear definition of minimalistic contrary to its price.

Apple’s latest MacBook at the time cost $1,799.00. Of course, this didn’t stop the whole world from getting their hands on the thinnest laptop in the world.

For other laptop manufacturers, it took them several years to finally catch up with Apple’s standards for the thinnest laptop. However, even today, Apple’s laptops are still armed with the highest ratings from its reviewers. MacBook Air is still available on the market today with a starting price of $999.00. Eventually, Apple’s competitors managed to surpass their rival in terms of specifications including its trackpads, superior designs, and better displays. While there have been loyal Apple customers, there have been some who made the switch.

Despite all of this, Apple refused to redesign their original MacBook laptop just to compete against its top competitors like Dell’s XPS 13, the Surface Laptop, and other rivals. Instead, Apple introduced the 12-inch MacBook. Even though it has not left much impact on the world as compared to the first MacBook Air, it’s still possible that Apple has a few tricks up their sleeve.

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