Huawei P10 Rivals Other Flagship Phones in 2017

If you’re in the market for a new smart phone, then look no further as Huawei launches its new handset, the Huawei P10. This new Android phone can be considered as one of the best-looking phones released in 2017.

Huawei unveiled their high-end mobile phone to rival the iPhone7 and Samsung Galaxy S8. This Android phone is a combination of a classy design and optimum specifications. It is the first to have a 4.5G technology that will allow users to double their download speed.

The Huawei P10 has a 5.1 full HD screen. In addition, the processor it carries is one of the latest in the tech world, the Kirin 960. It has 4GB of RAM, ensuring maximized performance. The P10 is available in 64GB and 128GB internal storage which is also expandable via micro SD.

The dual camera design of this handset uses a 20-megapixel sensor and one 12-megapixel sensor. These camera setups are developed to capture ample light and more details.

This new Huawei mobile phone still carries the dual-lens rear camera developed by Leica. This was also in the Huawei P9 phone, but with the P10, the camera software comes with further enhancements.

Huawei also introduced a face tracking system in 3D in this new handset. It also uses a portrait mode similar to the iPhone7 feature. The portrait mode focuses on the subject of the photo and fades the background.

In addition to the camera improvements, Huawei also introduces a major enhancement in wireless connectivity technology with the 4.5G LTE. This goes beyond the capabilities of 4G or LTE phones.

According to Richard Yu, an executive from Huawei, this technology aims to up the download speed and reduce dropped calls by up to 60 percent even during times when the internet signal is weak. The Huawei P10 has a default Android Nougat 5.1 OS.

If you are already impressed with the technical specs of the Huawei P10, we’re not done yet. The handset design is considerably thin and sleek. The rounded corners give the mobile phone an elegant and luxurious look.

The casing is metallic which the manufacturer claims to resist fingerprint marks. Also, the casing finish has anti-slip and anti-scratch properties.

Furthermore, this Android phone is available in eight classy colors such as the basic white, silver, two gold ones, rose gold, and black. Other available colors are green and blue which are not common among the recently released mobile phones in the market. This makes the Huawei P10 standout from other smartphone designs.

With the stylish look and standout specs, the Huawei P10 can go head-to-head in competition against two flagship phones, the iPhone7 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. This is a notable innovation in mobile phone development that can give consumers more options.

Also, with other players taking their place in the mobile phone market, this gives the tech giants tough competition that can pave the way for more technological advancements and maybe price reductions of flagship phones in the long run. Would you opt for Huawei P10 over an iPhone7 or Samsung Galaxy S8?

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