Instagram Opens “Recommended For You” Tab, Hopes for Public Nod

CALIFORNIA, United States of America – With the aim to further advance its brand of services, Instagram recently introduced the “Recommended for You” section in their layout.

The said new tab would show the different posts that your friends are following online. This feature also feeds information based on a company’s algorithm selection of interests.

Meanwhile, several Instagram users expressed their opposition to the said new feature. They said that it would just cause another chaos and inconvenience primarily in the order of the trend in the main feeds.

They further cited that last year’s move of Instagram to introduce a new way of arranging feeds, particularly the use of algorithm patterns, already caused much public disapproval. According to them, the social networking site did not learn any lesson from last year’s setbacks. Instead, they are doing another undue modification.

To clarify how this new section works, an Instagram spokesman informed the public that all the suggested posts under the “Recommended for You” thread will only be displayed after all the posts coming from the user’s friends were shown.

However, the spokesperson did not give an assurance that all the included posts under the “Recommended for You” section will exclusively come from the user’s friend list.

To note, the “Recommended for You” is just an addition to the series of drives that the social media site is pushing this year.  Earlier this month, Instagram introduced the “Hashtag Following Capability” on their site.

Instagram Opens “Recommended For You” Tab, Hopes for Public Nod

Through this new feature, a user can quickly follow a specific hashtag and let the site’s algorithm trim down the related posts on top of the feeds.  But, some users are not in favor with the use of hashtag “catch” on Instagram. They said that because of the efficiency of the hashtag in drawing public’s attention, this could also be used to expedite evil intentions.

Another new Instagram feature is the modifications to the Stories set.  According to an Instagram official, they are now offering two new means of configuring the Instagram Stories, using Highlights and Archive. The Highlights will let the user grouped the stories that he or she shared and have them featured on top of the profile portfolio.

On the other hand, the Archive menu will allow the Instagram user to store the treasured moments with no expiry. The Archive will serve as an automatic packet to all the treasured moments in Stories which exceeds the 24-hour post validity period.

Instagram’s enhancements and modifications still underway include an iOS beta app, Closest Friends List, and a native Regram key.

Aside from Instagram, different social media sites also expressed their respective efforts to heft their offerings to the public. Twitter primed its “You may also like” recommendation last year, but how the people appreciate the said tab, remained unclear. Reports of doubts and dissatisfaction came to the airwaves even after minutes of introducing the new modification.

Despite some odds, people behind Instagram said that the “Recommended for You” section is not the last improvement, but is just part of the grand start.

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