Intel and Warner Bros. Team Up for Future Tech in Self-Driving Cars

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Intel company, trying to claim the prime position in providing computing power in self-driving cars, is partnering with Warner Bros. in developing an in-cabin and immersive user experience in an autonomous vehicle setting.

This new partnership is for what the company foresees where people want to watch augmented reality productions and movies instead of the road while inside self-driving cars. This Intel and Warner Bros. alliance is the first massive partnership between a tech company and a movie studio to come up with an autonomous driving technology.

For these two companies to team up is also the first indicator that advertising would be evident in the future of driving. Commercials and advertisements are already there when we drive, may it be heard from the radio or flashed on the side of the road. But, for self-driving cars, ads can reach customers more efficiently in the future.

Companies could sure use that angle to sell more stuff, and Intel is apparently keen on the idea too. In a recent blog post, Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, stated that the chipmaker’s team-up with Warner Bros. is a manifestation of how passengers can consume entertainment in an autonomous vehicle while riding. This way, one can watch long hours of television, catch up some sleep, or even have some time to work.

Krzanich also wrote in the post that the team hasn’t only realized how passengers could consume movies and television programming, but they also see riders having a never-seen-before immersive experience. It can be done with the help of augmented reality innovations and in-cabin virtual reality.

He also added that the primary goal of Intel is to provide passengers with advertising as well as discovery experiences. That also means exploring the possible ways to integrate Warner Bros. TV shows, movies, and game into the Intel platform.

Currently, Intel is developing about 100 autonomous cars which will be tested in the USA, Europe, and Israel. They will be installed with the VR and AR technology that is developed by Warner Bros.

Intel is considered to be the first of the many self-driving operators to openly team up and get an active partnership with content creators for the future of car design and innovation. This latest news has undoubtedly picked the interest of many. Self-driving cars are already sounding pretty cool and convenient. Adding entertainment to the mix is even a more significant opportunity for everyone involved especially the passengers.

However, there are some who are not so keen on the idea especially those who don’t appreciate free ads that much.

According to a new report written by Forrester Research about how autonomous vehicles would reshape the future of the global economy, people should get ready. Their cars would soon be another screen for advertisers and publishers to get their customer’s attention.

It’s still a little hazy if all these ideas would happen in reality, but if it will, we are talking about decades for everything to get to this point. This certainly implies trust and confidence in the technology of self-driving cars, which still doesn’t exist right now. At this moment, operators are primarily focused on the safety aspect of these autonomous vehicles.

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