LG Presents LG Watch Style in Mobile World Congress

Catalan, Barcelona – Dubbed as the biggest event in the tech world, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is happening from February 27 to March 2. Wearable technology such as smartwatches are among the most highlighted gadgets in the MWC. One of the most awaited smartwatch release is the LG Watch Style.

The LG Watch Style carries the latest in wearable technology from the Google-owned Android – the Android Wear 2.0. This Google OS introduces an advanced navigation system, an improved interface and design, the Google Assistant, and several other features.

The enhanced navigation of the Android Wear 2.0 OS makes the LG Watch Style very responsive. Navigation gestures were also added with the new OS. Instead of just touch, users can scroll through using the rotating crown on the side of the body and the touch screen. The crown also serves as the home button for the watch.

Using the Google Assistant that is integrated in the Android Wear 2.0 OS, users can control the smartwatch through voice commands. This makes the LG Watch Style even more accessible since it is easier to just say commands than to navigate through the small screen using a finger.

As the name of the smartwatch suggests, aesthetics is the focus of the LG Watch Style. The face of the watch has a 1.2-inch P-OLED screen. This is a safe size since it would not look too small or too chunky. However, some might not like the thick bezel as opposed to other smartwatches.

The body of the watch has a slim stainless steel casing with a matte finish. This gives the watch a simple yet stylish design, but the plastic cover at the back of the watch might look off. Overall though, the look of the LG Watch Style is simple and elegant and can match most outfit and occasions.

The body of the LG Watch Style is available in three different basic colors that will be easy to match: titanium, rose gold, and silver. There is a wider array of choices for the straps. The available strap colors are cream leather, black, and camel. You also have other strap color choices that are sold separately.

With the clasps attached in the straps, changing them can be done quickly and easily. The straps are also available in rubber and leather.

In addition, the LG Watch Style is considerably lightweight for a tech gadget but the device still feels solid and tough.

This version of the LG Watch is more stylish and sleeker than its sibling, the LG Watch Sport which is bulkier. The Sport version is designed for fitness enthusiasts and is more focused as an active wear.

Overall, the LG Watch Style is a fusion of elegance and the advanced functionality of the Android Wear 2.0. The gadget will not look like a miniature phone attached to your wrist but it gives you most of the essential uses of your phone on your arm. With this, you can easily access your smart phone with a watch that comfortably matches your outfit for whatever occasion. Which color of LG Watch Style would you get?

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