Microsoft Launches Skype Lite for Areas with Slow Internet

Another major mobile app released its lite version. Microsoft launched Skype Lite – a smaller and lighter version of the messaging and video-calling app Skype. This lite mobile app was presented at the Microsoft Future Decoded Conference on Wednesday in Mumbai.

Skype is an application available for desktop and mobile phones that allows users to exchange messages, make voice and video calls, send pictures, and send files. Users can also use Skype for conference calls. This application is owned by Microsoft.

Releasing lite versions of existing mobile apps has been becoming a trend these days. These lite versions aim to reduce the battery consumption on your phone. Also, lite versions can still work on slow internet connection since they use up minimal data as compared to their non-lite version. Some of the lite versions of popular mobile apps are Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, UC Browser Mini, Opera Mini, Camera360 Lite, Picturen Lite, Mini Launcher, and many more.

Skype Lite was made and will also be released in India, as well as in other emerging markets. It comes in many languages including Urdu. For now, the app is only available for Android phones. It is also free to download just like its mother app.
Skype Lite is an optimized version so that it can still run smoothly even on slow internet connections. It also functions the same as the normal Skype – complete with features and functionalities that its customers use to enjoy. This app will allow users to make video calls even in 2G.

There are changes with the interface of the Skype Lite compared to the normal Skype. Skype Lite has a darker shade of blue, giving it a classy and elegant look. In addition, the developers have updated the SMS integration method of Skype Lite. With this, Skype Lite can precisely sort Skype messages and SMS. Moreover, the mobile app has a vehicle registration and horoscope feature. Another difference is the storage space that the app takes up on your Android phone which is only 51MB upon installation. This is approximately half of the normal Skype application.

The normal Skype also usually shows your contacts while Skype Lite shows text messages, contact details, and call logs in the home page. However, you need not worry with all the information in the home page. All these options are arranged in a manner that doesn’t look like clutter.

You can use the same Skype login in Skype Lite. Users can still only connect to other users upon adding them to the contact list. As per one of the Microsoft executives, the goal of Skype Lite is to bring lost Skype users back with a mobile app that is good enough to make the users satisfied.

With the release of Skype Lite that can be usable even with slow internet connection and mobile phone with lesser storage, Microsoft will be able to expand their market. This will also be huge help to those who cannot afford high-speed internet or top-of-the-line mobile phone. Would you download Skype Lite?

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