Microsoft’s TV Commercial Aims to Educate Customers About Paint 3D

MANHATTAN, NY – Microsoft had just released their brand new TV commercial this weekend which advocated the creation of 3D characters.

The multinational tech company has fixated on Paint 3D in the video message that they issued for this Christmas season. One of the highlights of the advertisement was Gabe the Yeti, which was erected in the first release of the Paint 3D app.

Microsoft’s Paint app had served Microsoft users for coon’s age, but due to changing times, it has somehow lost its touch. Many people were saddened by rumors saying that the mentioned app is nearing its expiration.

When word got to Microsoft, they made it certain that the issue will be resolved. They announced the new Paint 3D app in high spirits.  The new software was a success. It served its purpose of modernizing the content creation app of Microsoft. Despite the level of satisfaction that Paint 3D has achieved, it is still early in development. The TV commercial that was released to the public this weekend served as the harbinger of Microsoft’s latest update for Paint 3D.

Microsoft devised an environment similar to Adobe Illustrator and Behance for artists. Paint 3D binds with the tech company’s newly wired website Remix 3D, where artists can download 3D mesh characters such as Gabe the Yeti, the main character in the TV commercial video of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s TV Commercial Aims to Educate Customers About Paint 3D

Sasha the Astronaut, Terrence, Heart Critter, Saul the Snowman, Holiday Island, and the Three-Eyed Pink Monster were also included in 3D package. To see the rest of the characters, one may explore the Remix 3D website.

The purpose of building the Remix 3D websites was to provide people a dwelling where they can appreciate and share their own artistic creations. It is a place where they can upload their original works, not to mention download the masterpieces of other people to tweak it in Paint 3D.

Apparent from the name itself, Paint 3D is fully supportive of three-dimensional characters. These 3D models can also be exported to Windows Mixed Reality so you can experience the ordeal of realm 3D using a VR machine.

Remix 3D and Paint 3D were originally an element from the Windows 10 Creators Update. However, when Microsoft figured out that most of their consumers were not aware that Paint 3D existed, they settled the issue by making the Remix 3D and Paint 3D the main focal point for this year’s TV commercial video.

It is certainly different compared with the previous commercial videos about Apple and PC employees hugging each other as a sign of reconciliation for the holidays.

While a certain aspect of the video tips viewers about the versatility of utilizing Windows 10’s touchscreens and styluses, the spotlight was targeted at creating 3D models. The vision of Microsoft centers on a world of creative human beings.

Ordinarily, developers focus on creating websites suited for artists, but in Microsoft’s version, even an absolute beginner may take part in 3D creation seeing as completed models are already available in the Remix 3D website for anyone to download and tweak.

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