Mobile App Developed With aim to Empower Women

Mary Burke, a former gubernatorial candidate in Wisconsin, presented the project that she has been working on. It is a mobile application called “Building Brave” that aims to empower women. It is designed as a social media platform that would function as the foundation of the non-profit organization also called “Building Brave” that Mary Burke launched last fall.

The “Building Brave” mobile app is targeted towards the empowerment of women. Burke’s mission in establishing the application is for women to be confident enough to be themselves. In the mobile app, women can be encouraged to be brave and bold to take on the world in all the facets of their lives.

Included in the “Building Brave” mobile app are features where they can share messages and talk through chat with their “support squad.” In addition, users can join sub-communities that are most related to them or they are interested to connect with such as “moms,” “women in tech,” and many more.

In this interactive social media platform, users can also take on challenges that will encourage them to act more assertively. These challenges are adaptable in the real world. Users can learn lessons that they can actually apply in their lives.

Sometimes, women have a hard time saying no because some they tend to want to please the people around them. This is one of the challenges addressed in the mobile app. Also, lessons about saying sorry less frequently and maintaining eye contact when having conversations are taught in the app.

Other than learning the virtues in life for women, completing the challenges in the “Building Brave” app can help users accrue points that can be converted to donations to different charitable organizations that also cater to women’s needs. With the collective reinforcement from each other and getting through challenges in the app, the users of the app can grow together by taking more risks in their lives.

As Mary Burke’s brainchild, “Building Brave” was one of the results of her unsuccessful bid for the gubernatorial race in 2014. When she lost, she felt down but upon reflecting on what happened. It was then she realized that what she had accomplished is something to be proud of.

A mobile application that was designed by a woman who went through similar feats and failures as any other woman would mean that women’s needs were taken into consideration in its design. Having a virtual “support squad” can be a big help. However, the details about the mobile app are yet to be released. It is not yet known how users can register or if they can register anonymously. The release date of the app has not yet been announced.

The “Building Brave” mobile application is designed by an accomplished person, Mary Burke, to empower women based on what she knows as a woman. The rewards from the challenges can even be used to donate to charities. Users can get help and be helped as well. Hopefully, it can reach a lot of audience so a lot more women can get the empowerment they need.

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