Is the New Innovative eOneBook Manga Worth Your $300?

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – eOneBook didn’t disappoint when it said that they exist to innovate your Manga experience. Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a good place for people that are tech savvy.

It doesn’t matter if you are the developer or the spectator, as long as the word innovative runs through your veins. With the number of new released gadgets, from automotive to fitness technology, Consumer Technology Association got you covered.

As the event happens, we are introduced to a lot of innovated products, one of which is the dual-screen e-reader from the Japanese-based company, Progress Technologies.

Manga plays a big role in Japanese culture.It is very considerate of them to not let it down the sink as the world turns digital. Progress Technologies discussed about the idea of having two high-resolution E ink display e-reader back in the last quarter of 2016.

The production time took almost a year and was introduced to the public on September last year. Now, in the span of three months, Progress Technologies already enhanced the first version to showcase at the CES 2018. So, what is so special about this eOneBook?

Progress Technologies tried to improve the reading experience through technology while keeping the conservative touch of the real physical books. Yes, like real physical books, as it opens and closes like the books we all grew up to.

Does the New Innovative eOneBook Manga Worth Your $300?

We got used to reading Kindle and Nook that we didn’t really actually thought the need of a two-page e-reader. Manga is a whole new different world that we can’t compromise the artist’s drawing qualities into a single-screen device. Also, eOneBook is made up of real papers that it feels like you are holding an old printed Manga.

The first version got four buttons that let you turn the page back and forth. Now, it has six buttons that will also let you flip through the pages, chapters, and volumes. You can also change the language between Japanese and English. Isn’t it pretty cool? Though, consumers have also shared their concerns towards this invention. Like the contrast of black and white Manga, pros and cons are also present.

Sure, the e-reader has a book jacket that will make it look like a real book and can be put in a shelf, and no one might notice that it’s an e-reader. The case is, it is preloaded, and you can’t read any other stories in it. It has only the Manga classic series called “Fist of the North Star.” You can’t download anything from it as it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi. It works with AAA batteries which can be convenient.

The eOneBook is said to be ready for shipping on February this year. The company is planning to sell it for $300. It may sound like too much for an e-reader, but it has all the 18 volumes of “Fist of the North Star,” all packed into one.

It may be of your advantage if you have a small shelf space. Also, Manga series are often priced approximately $50 for each volume. If you will do the math, maybe the eOneBook isn’t that bad of a deal.

Last update was on: May 19, 2023 7:16 pm

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