Next Year’s New Mobile Processor Will Give You 4K HDR Video

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Qualcomm has recently unveiled the new Snapdragon 845 that will start to show up in laptops and smartphones early 2018.

The new mobile processor is said to have the capacity to efficiently perform and capture high-quality videos and images with low power consumption in the process. It is the direct successor of the Snapdragon 835 in 2017, which has been widely used in most flagship Android phones.

Like the brand’s older models, the Snapdragon 845 is not just your typical mobile processor. It is a single unit that features a combination of systems and processors like the CPU, ISP, DSP, and GPU. Another great thing about this new mobile processor from Qualcomm is the company’s use of its latest Wi-Fi modems and gigabit LTE for connectivity.

While it is a host of impressive features, what makes the new mobile processor incomparable is its ability to shoot 4K video in HDR at 60 frames per second. It can also capture 720p video in slow motion at 480 frames per second. For a 1080p video, it can record at 120 frames per second.

Next Year’s New Mobile Processor Will Give You 4K HDR Video

When it comes to still photography, the Snapdragon 845 is undoubtedly going to be one of the best with its Spectra 280 ISP that can make multi-frame noise reduction for 16MP photos at 60 frames per second. Its new 10-bit color depth also brings a much more extensive color scheme and as many color shades as its predecessors.

While this year’s 835 is among the top choices for smartphones, the new mobile processor packs some significant improvements. It includes much better connectivity and performance. In addition, it is made to be more efficient when it comes to power usage.

It has the latest Adreno 630 GPU that Qualcomm says can provide about 30% upgrade in graphics and power efficiency, and 2.5 times quicker display throughput.  More than that, it carries 6DOF room scale. It can also map rooms in real time which will become extremely applicable for AR and VR applications.

The X20 gigabit LTE modem of the Snapdragon 845 also carries real-world speeds and a faster peak which is four times greater than the last year. According to Qualcomm, the new combination of the unlicensed and licensed spectrum of the chip allows up to 90 percent of various carriers to provide gigabit services.

The new mobile processor’s TrueWireless Bluetooth 5 system is also exceptional for allowing single device audio broadcast to multiple headphones and speakers simultaneously. The company said that this system is one of the reasons why there is about 50% better power consumption provided for wireless headphones.

These fantastic features and functions of the latest Snapdragon 845 won’t take a lot of years to reach your devices. It is expected to be present on most smartphones in spring 2018. The new mobile processor would most likely appear on Android phones from Google, Samsung, LG, HTC, and many others.

For laptop owners or for those who want to upgrade their devices with this processor, the system will come earlier than expected to appear on Windows 10 PCs by the end of this year.

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