Prime Video App for Apple TV, Still Nonexistent After 6 Months

SEATTLE, Wash. – After six months since Apple said that the Amazon’s Prime Video app for the Apple TV is coming, it still not available at this moment.

Apple and Amazon promised to release the Prime Video application for the Apple TV this 2017. However, the two major companies seem to be taking too much time in getting good in their promise. However,the year is ending in a few days, and they are starting to run out of time.

Tim Cook, the Apple’s CEO, announced June of this year that the streaming application would be made available by the end of the year as included in Apple’s set-top box. The app will give Apple TV users a direct path to watch movies and TV shows that are available in the service.

During the WWDC keynote of Apple, Cook said that the Amazon Prime Video, which will be available for all Apple TV later this year, is the start of Amazon entering the the TV app. He also rattled some of the Amazon shows that would be available like the Transparent, Man in the High Castle, and Mozart in the Jungle.

Today would be the mark of the sixth month since that news broke off in public. Now that it’s December already, the year wherein they promised to make the app available will soon end. Time has already come and gone after Apple’s event last September where the new 4K Apple TV was shown and the NFL Thursday Night Football debuted, but the video app is still out of the blue.

Prime Video App for Apple TV, Still Nonexistent After 6 Months

A lot of people are anxious about the news and current status of the Prime Video app, but both Apple and Amazon failed to answer any request.

In recent months, both companies were able to release the latest 4K streaming products such as the Apple TV 4K and the 4K Fire TV by Amazon.

While there is still no news about the Prime Video app, some content of the Amazon Video is already available for viewing on Apple TV. It can be done by using an iPad or an iPhone and the AirPlay feature. Still, this process is less convenient compared to the native application that the Prime Video app could offer the users.

At this moment, there is still no Amazon app that can be used for an Apple TV unlike Hulu, Netflix, and various streaming services. The company has also brushed off any idea of them releasing one and has even stopped selling Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV in 2015. It is their way of avoiding confusion in the customers end since there is no built-in Prime Video app for those devices.

According to Jeff Bezos, the CEO for Amazon, the company wants their Prime Video player to be part of a particular device that comes along with acceptable business terms. He also added that if these are not met, then they don’t want to sell those products to their customers to avoid people thinking that they can access Prime Video on it but would only get disappointed.

But from the reports earlier this year, it seems that Apple and Amazon have reached a certain agreement to have access to Prime Video on Apple TV. However, it is still to be determined whether their promise to make it public will be achieved in the short time left in 2017.

Last update was on: November 29, 2023 11:10 am

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