Qualcomm to Ban iPhone X Used by Both AT&T and T-Mobile

MANHATTAN, NY – Qualcomm telecommunications company is looking at banning iPhone X being sold by AT&T and T-Mobile due to Apple’s alleged infringement of 16 patents owned by Qualcomm with its iPhone units such as iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X, including their Plus models.

These alleged patents are said to cover the needed technology to improve a device’s battery life and other specifications useful for any user. In line with this, Qualcomm claims that Apple is relying on this patented technology to enhance its iPhone units’ Portrait Mode feature.

In addition, the lawsuit filed by Qualcomm states an unspecified payment from the iPhone giant for the alleged patent infringement incident. The telecommunications equipment company also asks the court to have Apple end the use of the said patent and/or its covered technology.

Moreover, Qualcomm telecommunications company seems unstoppable and is serious to battle with Apple on the given issue. The telco equipment company is also asking the United States (US) International Trade Commission to ban imports of iPhone Xs that use modems coming from its rival company, Intel. If pursued and granted, iPhone X will be blocked from being sold on both telco giants – AT&T and T-Mobile.

Qualcomm to Ban iPhone X Used by Both AT&T and T-Mobile

To be more specific, Qualcomm claims that the iPhone X’s feature of multitasking interface is bound similarly to the interface webOS used. Patents of the said feature are apparently owned by the complaining telco equipment company. They also owned other technology patents originally created by Palm.

In a statement written by Qualcomm in its lawsuit, they have expressed that all Palm technology inventions are indeed owned by them and used to greatly improve various mobile devices’ functionality, features, and user experience. Moreover, these Palm inventions are widely present in Apple devices being used without permission or license.

Looking back, Qualcomm telecommunications company already filed a series of similar complaints against the iPhone giant last July 2017. In that said claims filed, the telco equipment company was also asking for payments and banning on iPhones. With this week’s lawsuit update by Qualcomm telecommunications company, they have added to ban the iPhone X.

As a response, Apple filed their own counterclaim against Qualcomm complaining about the same patent infringement issue. In the lawsuit, the iPhone giant claims that Qualcomm on all efforts and behavior equates to being “a common patent troll.”

This issue between Apple and Qualcomm has started in the beginning of 2017 when the Federal Trade Commission charged the telco equipment company with an anti-competitive behavior.

Apple, on the other hand, proceeded to second the motion filing a lawsuit that had similar accusations as the Federal Trade Commission. The iPhone giant made it big and made claims be filed and circulated in various courts across the globe.

The lawsuits being filed against Qualcomm telecommunications company are already being recognized from different countries. The public is looking at whether the telco equipment giant will change its overall patent licensing behavior to address all filed lawsuits against them. This issue is really big not just for the companies involved but also for those companies on the same revolving industry.

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