Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.’s TEMA, Building Shares’ Momentum

SAN JOSE, Calif. – The Triple Exponential Moving Average or what is also called as TEMA by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SSNLF) suggests it has a building shares’ momentum and is now trending over the past five bars.

Samsung Electronics’ TEMA was first developed by Patrick Mulloy and was published for the first time in the magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. It was developed with a primary purpose of minimizing the lag between the price action and the indicator.

This purpose would be done by making it more sensitive and fast-acting to the changes present in the market. The TEMA indicator was designed to be used like other moving averages’ way, to identify trends as well as generate various trading signals.

Both the investors and traders have been closely monitoring the additional technical levels of the Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SSNLF)’s shares.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.’s TEMA, Building Shares’ Momentum

Moving average (MA) is considered to be one of the most used tools for most technical stock analysts. It is a lagging indicator that can easily and quickly take the average price of a particular stock over a specific time period.

Over the years, moving averages have become a useful tool in determining peaks and troughs. Moreover, it can also be helpful in assisting a trader in figuring out the resistance levels and proper support for a certain stock.

At this moment, the 50-day MA is sitting at 1523.07, and the 200-day MA is at 1266.73. For Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SSNLF), it has a 14-day Average Directional Index or ADX sitting at 35.72 at this time.

When it comes to an ADX value, if it lies between 0 and 25, that represents an absent or, most probably, weak trend. For ADX values of 25 up to 50, that is to show a strong trend.

On the other hand, the 50 to 75 ADX value means a very strong trend and the 75 to 100 value an extremely strong trend.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI is another technical level. It is a momentum oscillator developed by J. Welles Wilder. The RSI measures both the change and speed of stock price movements which oscillates between 0 and 100. RSI values below 30 mean it is oversold and overbought if the value is above 70.

In checking for Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SSNLF)’s RSI, its 14-day RSI value is currently sitting at 71.44, the 7-day RSI is at 74.37, and the 3-day RSI value lies at 88.27.

Another technical level that should be checked is the Commodity Channel Index or CCI that was developed by Donald Lambert.

The CCI is a useful tool in spotting an emerging trend. It can also provide a warning. It measures the current price level relative to the average price level over a particular period of time.

When prices are higher compared to the average, the CCI is relatively high, and when prices are low, so is the CCI.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SSNLF), as of the moment, has a 14-day CCI value of 76.74.  

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