Samsung S8 Features Revealed Through Leaked Images

Are you excited for the new Samsung S8? Here’s a teaser from the leaked images of the upcoming Android mobile phone that hit the internet this week. These images reveal most of the key features that you should watch out from Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone.

The Samsung S8 images were posted by the user @UniverseIce on Twitter last Tuesday. The user shared five photos of the S8 handset. In addition, the user revealed that more images will be leaked in the coming days. However, as with this leaked information about upcoming gadgets, which is becoming a trend recently, the authenticity of the information offered in the leak is yet to be verified. The Twitter user claims that the source of the images is a Chinese company manufacturing screen protectors.

This leak has coincidentally happened a week before the most prominent trade shows in the world of mobile phones which is the Mobile World Congress (MWC) happening in Barcelona. Initially, the full specifications of the new Samsung S8 handset were to be presented in the MWC. Moreover, Ars Technica, a South Korean tech company, has plans to launch an independent event to introduce the Android mobile phone in March though the details of such event are not yet clear. Furthermore, based on the information from the Samsung Note 7 recall, Samsung is to launch Galaxy S8 officially one month after the MWC event but this is also yet to be confirmed.

Now, let’s take a look at the features that the leaked photos showing the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. The images show a handset with a curved glass edge similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The display is larger and it has an all-glass screen. The outer boundaries at the top and the bottom of the screen are considerably narrower than the latest designs of Galaxy mobile phones.

With a closer look, the leaked images reveal the absence of a physical navigation button. It is replaced by an on-screen touch button. The possible benefit of this major change with the home and back button is the reinforcement of the water-resisting properties of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In addition, based on the photos, the handset will also include a headphone jack. This is one difference from its head-to-head rival in the competition of mobile phones which is the iPhone7. However, the shared photos of Twitter user @UniverseIce failed to show the backside of the Samsung S8 handset. With this, it will not be possible to assess if the mobile phone has a fingerprint scanning feature.

The leaked images of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 stirred up the internet with some major changes on the design of the mobile phone as compared to its predecessors. I know a lot of Galaxy users would want to know more and confirm the physical and technical features of the much-awaited gadget.

At least with this leak, we have some ideas about the possible improvements and looks of the phone. However, mobile phone enthusiasts should be aware that these leaks are not yet officially verified by Samsung. It’s still interesting news, though, to take a peek at what the Galaxy S8 has to offer. Are you ready for the official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8?

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