Second Black Man Found Dead In Ed Bucks Home In 18 Months

Ed Buck is a Democratic activist who is known in the LGBT community to hire male black escorts.  “He pays extremely well if you can make it out alive”. See in 18 months two black men have been found dead in his apartment. Apparently of an overdose, Over dose is the furthest thing from the truth! Blacks and drugs America wants to believe go hand in hand. This one for me is personal Ed it affects people I love!

Think about it? 44% of LGBT homelessness youth are black. Within that percentile how many do you think engage in drugs? Why? They end up doing drugs to have a roof over their head for the night. Who knows that when they see a young black man with nothing but a cell phone and a backpack. Older white men will prey on these individuals and use manipulation, as a way of seeking power. (Nothing new they have been doing it since the beginning of time)

Once I have you high… you lose your inhibitions. At this point, they have the upper hand so they record them. Once they have something over their heads that these young black men don’t want the public to know. Nasty fetish sex that is drug-induced especially a dirty drug like meth I have you. It’s the whole mindset of you will depend on me for everything because I supply your addiction and you get as much as you want and a roof for the night.

Unfortunately, these are desperate young men who need money and have limited resources. He pays big bucks but only if you survive! ED BUCKS is not the only predator in the community! He has just made himself well known because of the recent deaths.

Parents need to stop kicking their children out of the house and turning their backs on their children simply because of their sexual preference. Never in life have I heard of children coming to their parents and announcing that they are straight and feeling ashamed because it’s a dirty secret! You don’t deserve to be a parent at all if you can simply turn your back on your child.

This is why there was such an issue about Kevin Harts gay jokes. Spreading the acceptance of hate can no longer be tolerated in any form. It’s not about him apologizing over and over it’s about him opening up his mind and understanding he has an influence on many of the black community and this kind of hate and shame is affecting our community as a whole. BTW Kevin ain’t funny but some of those Plastic Cup Boyz who write for him are!Back to Ed Buck, he needs to be stopped and so do other predators like him!

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