Tesla Prohibits Commercial Drivers From Supercharging Stations

MANHATTAN, NY – Tesla just released a Supercharger Fair Use policy to put a halt on commercial drivers crowding on its red and white charging stations. This is because the stations are said to cause heavy traffic due to the immense volume of vehicles on the sites.

The Supercharger Fair Use policy issued by Tesla aims to prohibit commercial drivers from using the Supercharging ports that contribute to heavy traffic at their stations.

Tesla seems to be resolving this demand for over a year now. In fact, in the previous year, the company released that there will be charging fees and additional ones if the driver will leave their vehicles parked at the stations after charging.

Supercharging stations were originally built to answer to those drivers who do not have options to charge their vehicles at work or at home. Yet, it turned out that everybody, even with a ready alternative, goes to the station and charges their vehicles leaving the site congested.

It does not depict the true purpose of the charging stations built. Moreover, it wipes out the opportunity for others to charge.

As a resolution, the automaker company comes up with a new policy that states that all vehicles bought after December 15, 2017, will not be allowed to charge for free at the Supercharging stations. This policy is applicable to those drivers who are in a deal with using their vehicles for commercial use – ride sharing, taxi, delivery, government use, etc.

Tesla Prohibits Commercial Drivers From Supercharging Stations

The company is serious about taking actions on the recently announced resolution. It will track down all usage and driver behaviors to see if there will be any violators. Once a driver is proven to have violated the policy, the driver may be asked to limit, stop, or blocked from the charging sites.

The new Supercharger Fair Use is set to take effect on December 15, 2017, Friday.

The automaker company’s spokesperson conveyed that they are into encouraging everyone to utilize the charging stations for commercial use. Thus, they are ready to provide an exception to other drivers depending on the location and circumstances wrapping up.

This policy is solely setting a limit to the free charging of vehicle and solving vehicle congestion in supercharging stations that cause heavy traffic and inconvenience to other cars. Moreover, the company is after giving the best user experience to their customers whether for any commercial or personal use.

The automaker company is set to be strict in holding out the policy to put drivers into their niches that will resolve the dilemma of everyone.

This move is set to be the answer to the company’s challenges when it comes to the alleviating problem of traffic due to vehicle congestion. Its previously released fees did not seem to add up to the solution, hence the announcement of a new policy. This led them to be stricter with the implementation of the new resolution.

After December 15, 2017, Tesla will oversee how this new rule will apply to their users. More so, an evaluation of this will be done to see if the policy is to be deemed effective.

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