Temp Check Ep 6: Off the Rip 2

Join Boe Blast and Cinnamon as they discuss today's hottest topics and spiciest conversations. We're off the RIp, but there's always so much to ...

Temp Check Ep 5: We’re “Off the Rip”

https://youtu.be/sUsj6Fn7lP8In this week's "Off the Rip" episode Boe Blast and Cinnamon discuss the Amber Heard case, their favorite actors, ...

Temp Check Ep 3: It’s National Masturbation Month

https://youtu.be/IuHZWQbmm7oBoeBlast and Cinnamon bring the heat for another weekly episode. They discuss the 56-Count RICO Indictment faced ...

Temp Check Episode 2: Featuring Guest Kwabi Amoah-Forson

BoeBlast and Cinnamon bring the heat for another spicy Wednesday with special guest Kwabi Amoah-Forson, the organizer of the global peace initiative ...

Temp Check Episode 1: Featuring Guest Alex Montgomery

Boe Blast and Cinnamon bring the heat to Temp Check on its debut show featuring an improv interview with WNBA player Alex Montgomery.

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