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AUSTIN, Texas – After learning from the best players in Texas, Bijan Robinson would be the key engine who will lead the Texas Longhorns defense.
For years, former coach Tom Herman kept Robinson on the sidelines as the offense centered mostly on Sam Ehlinger.
Texas Longhorn coach Steve Sarkisian promised Robinson a more significant role in the team’s offense at the beginning of the season. In both the early and late games, Bijan Robinson received more passes in 2021.

Throughout Robinson’s college career, he exceeds expectations as the most outstanding player in the first half of the season. Robinson fulfilled his title as one of the top-rated running backs in the country.
Robinson inhabits a significant role in the Longhorns’ defense as he prepares to face his man in Oklahoma.
Bijan Robinson exceeds expectations, running for 216 yards and scoring two touchdowns in the Longhorns game at TCU.
Casey Thompson called Robinson’s performance “big-boy football,” giving his opponents a run for their money. On the other hand, Robinson called it “fun to break a defense’s will.”
Robinson continues to carry a style no opponent can match. Robinson’s running style makes it very hard for the opponent’s defense to defeat it. At 215 pounds, Robinson’s quick feet make it easier to slice through the defense, even through the smallest cracks.
Bijan Robinson attributes his offensive success to his instinct. By making his opponents hesitate by taking them out of their preparation, Robinson can easily find a crack in their defense.

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