Buffalo Bulls Prepares to Go Against Chanticleers | Sports

AMHERST, New York – Kyle Vantrease and the Bulls get ready to play against the Chanticleers through their careful defense and offense on Saturday.

Kyle Vantrease is competing against an unfamiliar foe, a team with an intricate combination of defense and offense. However, Vantrease can compete against this team from his four-year experience playing under Leipold before the coach decided to train another school in the Big 12.

Vantrease’s offense makes him prepared enough to go against the Chants in the schools’ first game against each other.

Vantrease expresses the importance of familiarizing himself with the offense of his opponents. This familiarization allows Vantrease to understand how the team calls the play to understand their defense eventually.

However, Vantrease also expresses how difficult the game on Saturday will be for him. According to Kyle Vantrease, the team is very well-coached and athletic. Thus, Kyle Vantrease will need to improve their defense to get past the seven sacks the Chants acquired this season.

Unfortunately, the Bulls are coming from a loss in the Mid-American Conference against Nebraska last weekend. The 28-3 loss most likely came from the four missed field goals and five drive stalls inside the Cornhuskers 35.

The Bulls are going against a bigger and more balanced offense, completing 1,070 yards and 101 points. The Chants came off a 52-14 win against the Citadel.

Jamey Chadwell, the Chanticleers’ coach, focuses more on the offensive line properly executing the play without any flaws. It would take a well-balanced offense to score over 100 points in two games.

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