Cam Newton Might Not Play in Panthers vs. Cardinals Game

ARIZONA – Despite Newton being active in his new team, Panthers coach Matt Rhule said that it is not likely for Newton to play in their game against the Cardinals.

The Panthers acquired Cam Newton for a one-year deal last Thursday, giving him only two days to practice for their game against the Cardinals. This time is insufficient for Newton to get used to the Panthers’ offense. 

Matt Rhule said that “today was just a walkthrough.” Since Newton is still getting introduced to the team and their culture, the team is expecting Newton to get on the field by next week. 

Rhule emphasized that the team expects Cam Newton to do the same plays they perform. However, the team remains focused on their game against the Cardinals.

Because of Sam Darnold’s right shoulder fracture, PJ Walker would most likely start for the Panthers in their game against the Cardinals. Sam Darnold received his injury from his game against the Falcons. A few weeks earlier, the Panthers also acquired signal-caller Matt Barkley to accompany Newton’s offense. 

Cam Newton is the franchise’s overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, eventually becoming the NFL MVP in 2015. 

Ever since his choice to leave the Patriots before the start of the season, Cam Newton even took the COVID-19 vaccine to make him more marketable to the teams needing a quarterback. 

The Panthers primarily signed Cam Newton out of necessity because of Sam Darnold’s right shoulder injury. 

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