NHL Commissioner Garry Bettman Explains Disciplinary Decision Blackhawks’ Scandal

NEW YORK – NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman explained the disciplinary actions after investigating the Chicago Blackhawks’ sexual assault allegations. 

Because of the sexual assault allegation, the NHL charged the team with a $2 million fine. Bettman allowed Joel Quenneville to coach one more game before he left the team. 

Furthermore, Bettman did not implement any disciplinary action on Chevaldayoff because of his limited participation in the office. Quenneville resigned from his position after meeting with Bettman last week. 

According to Bettman, Quenneville’s resignation was the best and most sensible course of action for these allegations. 

Furthermore, Cehvaldayoff was the only person in the Blackhawks management who served an NHL club in May 2010. As a result, Bettman found that he “was such a minor player in this.” 

After nine months in the team, he was an assistant general manager with minimal responsibilities. His immature position in the team made it less likely for him to believe anything contradictory as the right things. 

Furthermore, the NHL Players’ Association executive board met last Monday to discuss how the league was blind to the situation ten years ago. 

As a result, the executive board recommended an external investigation to understand what happened. However, the board needed to postpone voting because others needed to prepare for the Monday games. 

Bettman also issued a public apology to Kyle Beach before addressing other related questions regarding the punishment and penalties. 

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