Seahawks’ Loss Against New Orleans Feels Like a Slide to Mediocrity | Sports News


RENTON, Washington – The last time the Seahawks started as the 2-5 underdog was ten years ago, as they were laying the foundations for their eventual success. 

This record was before the team acquired Russel Wilson as the quarterback and Bobby Wagner as the team’s defensive anchor. 

It surprised the fans when they saw the 2-5 record after the Seahawks’ loss against New Orleans. Many fans felt concerned that the Seahawks’ performance showed the team’s downward trend to mediocrity and incompetency. 

According to defensive anchor Bobby Wagner, it caught the team by surprise when stuck in a hopeless situation. According to Wagner, it was not a great feeling to underwhelm the fans this much and “it’s just back to the drawing board for me.” 

The Seahawks’ defeat against the New Orleans came from the numerous mistakes in the Seahawks’ offense and defense. The most significant mistakes during the game were getting flagged for tackling the passer and jumping offside for a field-goal attempt. 

In other words, the Seahawks’ loss was an ugly defeat that the team must try to overcome. 

The team exhibited poor decision-making, weak offensive sequences, and two missed field-goal attempts that baffled defensive penalties. 

Because of the team’s performance, it became less likely for the team to be contenders for the season. Accompanied by losing Wilson due to a finger injury, the team lost three straight games, quickly running out of time to make something of themselves this season. 

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