Willow Smith, 19, Purchases $3.1 Mil Ocean-Front Mansion In Malibu

The teenager’s brand-new home isn’t incomparably of her parents’ $42 million estate.

Countless young adults all sooner or later leave home base. Whether they proceed off to college or grasp a few friends as roomies, fleeing home to venture off into the world isn’t anything new – & that is what Willow Smith has done just that, as well, but her tax bracket has provided her much more than many 19-year-olds are able to sustain. The only daughter to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has reportedly snagged herself a new mansion, located in Malibu.

The Red Table Talk co-host reportedly purchased an energy-efficient 3,000 square foot, $3.1 million home that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The chic property wasn’t on the market at the time of Smith’s purchase, but prior listings show the very contemporary house was built in 2011 and designed to meet modern LEED energy efficiency standards. Willow Smith won’t be far from her parents’ $42 million property in Calabasas. According to Variety, her garage is fitted with a Tesla charging facility. And Willow is working with a grey-water recycling system. High-tech appliances, and all of the amenities a teenager with a mansion needs. read more

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