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Control – A Video Game With Supernatural Settings

Control is a fun narrative game with an interactive theme and cinematic visuals. This game is gaining popularity – thanks to the uniqueness of the games and its narrative style. Today, we will be reviewing this game for all those who are planning to join the gamers club. Theme of Game ...

Video Games
Apex Legends – One Of The Best Battlefield Games

Apex Legends, a multiplayer game by EA (Electronic Arts), is continuing its hold in the gaming world. It has become one of the famous battlefield games played online. And with each passing day, it is increasing its popularity worldwide. So, this gaming review is for all those who are interested ...

Video Games
Battlefield V Game Review

Battlefield V is beyond a mere game perk. It is well optimized and visually impressive with the best and highly detailed destruction in a game in recent times, highly blended with stunning weather and lighting effects and other things that a player will not even take notice of. Battlefield V was ...

Video Games
Warframe Game Review

The Warframe game is all about a war between a race of first warriors and a military race of human/robot hybrids known as the Grineer. As one of the first warriors, you're pulled out from one stage to fight against the Grineer and are quickly acquainted with your high-tech battle suit which is ...

Video Games
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo review

Super Smash Bros. is a 4D Game and was published by Nintendo. They have made creatures from their own franchise, and so it’s a full Power PC game. Masahiro Sakura first created it. It's basically a fighting game. He almost directs each and every episode of the series. This is different from ...

Video Games
Call of Duty: WWII Finally Works Properly With New Update

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Call of Duty: WWII’s brand-new update had just recently been released, bringing Call of Duty gamers to a whole new level of fun and breathtaking experience. However, the frontrunner in the whole update is making everything in the social space of the Headquarters (HQ) work. ...

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