What is your heritage? swedish and scandinavian

What are your goals and ambitions? My goals are you grace as many magazines as possible and one day be a household name 🙂

What’s your favorite food? fried pickles 😛

Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity? Paul walker and Reggie Bush

If money were no object what’s one thing you have been dying to do? I would do tons of traveling to different countries.

What do you find attractive about modeling? Its my favorite way to express myself, it allows me to do all the creative things that go through my mind!

What was it like on your first photo shoot? I was definitely a deer in headlights LOL

What’s your favorite part of your body? I would have to say my bootay 😛

Do you have any tattoos? If NO, do you want one? If yes, where are they? Nope, i don’t have any tattoos! Love them on other people but they are not for me.

What are your pet peeves? bad manners and not being taken seriously.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? I was a waitress at a bar once and tripped on the stairs and spilt the pitcher of beer i was carrying and then went surfing on it…in front of EVERYONE!

Who’s your biggest role model? I have a ton of role models, but Adriana Lime especially!

Would you consider yourself a flirt? Do other people think you are? Some people might take my shyness as flirting!

What is it about a guy or girl that turns you on/off? I love well dressed and good hygiene men! Guys that take pride in their bodies!

What’s your idea of the perfect date? Im easy to please, a nice restaurant and swinging at a park or a late night dip in the pool.

Would you consider yourself a sexpert? OH YA 🙂

How long do you make someone wait before having sex? Im hard to get..thats all i have to say 🙂

What the most spontaneous thing you ever done sexually? I didn’t have the nickname “Slugger” for nothing!

Do you want people to see you for your brains or your beauty? I would hope for both!

Do you like Gadgets? If so, what’s your favorite one? (i.e iPhone etc.) I love my iphone and im waiting for the Ipad in the mail!

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