Isabela Amado


Tell us about yourself:
I’m just a Colombian woman, lover of black and white movies, art and roses.

When did you start modeling?
I started in 2011 with a reality show named “Miss Bogota”.

Has your perception of modeling changed over time?
Of course! Modeling is an art, demands a lot of discipline and patience. It’s beautiful how you get to express yourself in so many different ways with your own body. To be a model is not easy, but as long as you do it with passion and commitment, you’ll achieve great things.

What is your beauty routine?
I don’t leave my house without sunscreen, it’s primordial. I use daily/night dermatological products for hydration and I drink at least 2lta of water a day. Also, I love to use natural masks and do an exfoliation once a week.

Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career:
One of the most significant projects that I accomplished was to be an Octagon Girl for UFC. I was the first Colombian who worked as an Octagon girl for them. It was a dream job with amazing people.

How do you balance your work and private life?
I try to be very confidential as the work allows me to be. I love my private life, it is very precious for me. I do my best to keep it just for me.

Describe a perfect day off.
Any day starting with a delicious breakfast, good music for a walk or a yoga class surrounded by nature, a few hours in a museum or a bookstore, Japanese food and a glass of wine in bed watching a movie… perfect day.

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