Jazzmine Rie

September 28, 2019


She’s a smokin’ HOT Half Korean and half Italian model from Hawaii. What more do you need to know… Read Jazzmine Rie’s exclusive interview.

What is your heritage?

I’m half Korean and half Italian- double the feisty!


What is your name?

Jazzmine Rie


What are your goals and ambitions?

I’d love to continue my modeling career and see where it takes me. This journey has been so much fun so far! In the future, I definitely see myself owning my own business, probably a fashion boutique!


What’s your favorite food?

Give me all the carbs! I’m obsessed with ramen, kimchi fried rice and literally any bread ever. I’m not a huge sweets girl, but Japanese candies are my weakness!


Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity?

I used to be in love with Shemar Moore!


If money were no object what’s one thing you have been dying to do?

I love traveling! I just got back from Tokyo, and if I could, next on my list to visit would be Korea, Dubai, and Italy!


What do you find attractive about modeling?

I’m a planner by nature, but modeling is my creative outlet. Every shoot is different and a lot of the times super spontaneous. I also love the opportunity I get to meet and work with people from all over the world!


What was it like on your first photo shoot?

I was crazy nervous! You never know if you’ll vibe well with the photographer, or if you’ll both have the same vision. I was lucky that my first photographer was amazing, and we still collab today!


What’s your favorite part of your body?

My eyes. But if I’m being really honest, I think my boobs are pretty great haha!


Do you have any tattoos? If NO, do you want one? If yes, where are they?

I have 6. 3 are visible, 3 aren’t. You’ll have to use your imagination on those.


What are your pet peeves?

Know it alls, bad manners, and rudeness.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

I probably blocked it out, so I can’t remember! But I embarrass myself pretty much daily haha.


Who’s your biggest role model?

My mom. She’s sacrificed a lot to get my siblings and I where we are today.


Would you consider yourself a flirt? Do other people think you are?

I flirt, but I’m straightforward. I don’t play games, so if I like you, you’ll know it.


What is it about a guy or girl that turns you on/off?

A guy who is down to be my partner in crime is sexy. Someone who is spontaneous, but also has his stuff together. A killer smile and nice arms don’t hurt either! Turn offs would be my pet peeves, good manners are a must.


What’s your idea of the perfect date?

I love exploring my city (Honolulu) so a night out grabbing dinner and drinks somewhere new in town is always fun. On the flip side, I love staying home- Netflix and chill haha! I’m crazy busy, so it’s nice to just relax sometimes.


Would you consider yourself a sexpert?

Well, I haven’t had any complaints so…


How long do you make someone wait before having sex?

It all depends, but I’m pretty old-fashioned. I’ve got to know it’s going to go somewhere- no one night stands. Not for me.


What the most spontaneous thing you ever did sexually?

I live in Hawaii where we’ve got amazing beaches & crazy cool caves. I’ll leave it at that…


What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

I’ve flown across the Pacific to surprise someone at their graduation, that takes the cake so far.


Do you want people to see you for your brains or your beauty?

Both. I’m an inner nerd. I love politics and keeping up with current events. I’m a pretty smart girl- but I also put a lot of effort into taking care of myself and trying to look my best. It’s nice to be appreciated for both.

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