Jenuine Love

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Jenuine Love
aka Jennifer Nguyen is our very talkative, beautiful new Internet Hottie from Canada.

What is your heritage?

I am 100 percent Vietnamese born in Canada.

What are your goals and ambitions?

I am working on a few new projects as speak. I am learning to become a spiritual healer of the mind and soul, a holistic practitioner to heal the body and a motivational speaker to uplift all souls of the universe. *With my experiences through modeling I believe I carry all the traits needed to motivate somebody into changing their perspective in life. I want to launch programs to help rebuild our mentality through meditation, self-healing and confident building. I want to show people that yeah, I am an international model but that does not mean I am like every other model you see. I am here to help and would love to show you how I got here. I am here as a message of love and faith. We are one and my mission is to spread the power of love. I want to tour the world doing seminars to empower and motivate people. I want to launch schools that teach under a new system. I want to save as many animals as I can and love mother earth. My goals and ambitions no longer serve me as a person but have expanded to something much much bigger than me. Something I don’t fully understand yet but know it is what I need to do. My goal is for Humanity to stand up and take back our powers and will. My ambition is to help change perspectives so people can alter their experiences. We are all here together and together is the only the way we’ll ascend. We must learn how to love again. *

Jenuine LoveWhat’s your favorite food?

I’ve been a vegan for over 8 months now and it has been the biggest and the most beneficial change I have ever made in my life. I use to love eating Pizza, pasta, sushi, burgers, hot dogs, you name it I’ll eat it [haha] Now don’t get me wrong, I still eat all of my favorite foods only with a vegan twist. For example,  Instead of cheese, I’ll use vegan cheese. There are so many substitutions for meat that I honestly do not even think of it anymore. I still enjoy all the dishes I love without gaining weight or waking up feeling sluggish and slow. I made a Vegan Filet O fish sand which the other day, I was thrown off my chair because of how good it tasted! It was even better than McDonald’s!

Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity?

I had a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio when Titanic first came out. [haha] I was only like 12 years old or something at the time, I remember watching the movie probably over 50 times. I would imagine my “first time” being with Leo and in that same car that’s in the movie [haha], you know the scene I’m talking about haha steam and everything!

If money were no object what’s one thing you have been dying to do?

There isn’t anything I have been “dying” to do. I believe in living life to the fullest every day taking chances to grow and evolve. Every day I am living my dream and is doing everything that makes me happy. Living my dream does not mean I am filthy rich chilling on my private beach. Happy is state of mind. I am happy not in money but in experiences and life.  If money was unlimited, however, I would love to be able to build a school to teach a new system of learning. To ditch all old conventional teachings that do nothing for us and to replace it with newer wisdom and knowledge. Spiritual, body, mind and soul teachings. How to communicate, love and care for one another. How to unlock our manifestation powers! I would also send money to all the people who are suffering around the world. Build homes for those with no homes, buy unlimited food for those are starving and give money for any medical care. I would buy land and turn it into an animal sanctuary to help any animals in need and also pay off all the debt of any of my family members and loved ones. I would build a community where people can come together to live in peace and harmony. These are all things I am working on every day so I know for sure one day It will become a solid reality.

Jenuine LoveWhat do you find attractive about modeling?

I’ve been a model for over 11 years now. I’ve traveled all around the world and have seen things many people would never see in their lives. Modeling has taken me on an unimaginable adventure. It brought me incredible and indescribable experiences. What is so attractive about modeling? At first, I didn’t know, I was just asked to replace a model in an auto show. At first, I said HELLL NOOO, I am not a model [haha] My friend talked me into it and I agreed not knowing if I’m just going to make a fool of myself. At the show, however, I was approached by people asking me to work with them and for my contact info. By the end of the show, I had a newborn idea….perhaps I CAN be a model! I started researching up all the things I need to know. What attracts me about modeling is the ability to change your mood, story, and the image just by the way you pose, your face expressions and even just by the way you are wearing. Modeling forced me to become confident in myself in all situations. I had people and I mean PLENTY of people say very mean things to me. I could of let it drag and weight me down but I decided to fight instead. I had to make my confident even bigger than what they are saying. Modeling taught me how to survive the attacks. How to look past the things people say about me and still stand strong. I believe it is the reason why I have the experience I do now to be able to help others overcome their confident issues and to step foot on anything they choose with confident.  Modeling has introduced me to so many angels on earth, so many fans who truly believe in me and my message and so many unforgettable opportunities. I can go on and on. Modeling isn’t only about girls who just love themselves and want to look pretty all the time. It’s an art and a business like any other. If you have zero confident and knowledge it will definitely show in your photos

Jennifer NguyenWhat was it like on your first photo shoot?

One of my first photo shoots I did was not a good one. I was told I was doing a catalog shooting for a surfing body suit and a magazine feature. I did the shoot with the surfing body suit and then the other theme came up and it was just me in lingerie on the bed. Actually, I think it was back when I was doing implied. I just had the bed sheet on me and covering myself. The photographer was standing over me shooting down and so I’m just holding myself and posing. He instructed me to do sexy things like biting my lip or sexual eyes which are normal but then he reached out and touched me. He rubs his finger on my crotch and I was shocked! I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen. He kept touching me and finally put his camera down to the side and try to fully climb on me. That’s when I knew I needed to get out asap! I pushed him off and was like oh I am so sorry but I have to go now. I packed my things up and bounced. I tried to ask for my photos after and he told me I was “too young” to have taken those photos and that he can not give them to me. I honestly did not tell anybody this story for years and years. This is probably my first interview where I share this story. it didn’t scare me away from modeling but it did teach me how to be more careful. Research everything and everyone! , even then you can not be 100 percent sure you will not face troubles. I have had bad incidents happen with well-known magazines even.

What’s your favorite part of your body?

I love all parts of my body 100 percent. I promote love every day to everybody. Give plenty of love to others but most importantly love ourselves. We spend way too much time picking what parts of our body are not right when we could have been spending that time evolving and expanding our soul and mind. Our body is just a vessel for this lifetime, our soul is what continues on. I use to pick on my body wishing it would be something different. Trying different things to change it even thinking of surgeries. It wasn’t until I worked a gig with a number of girls. They were all beautiful BUT they all looked the same. Same eyes, nose, and chin. I was approached by many who wanted to work with me because I looked different. I came to realize beauty is alive in many different ways. I could be called a man in this country but in another, I am a beautiful goddess. Because of this realization, I no longer pick and choose which parts of my body are better than the other. They are all good to me. I will no longer try to fit into the standard of “beauty” and will simply just be me. I suggest everybody do the same! We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people, we need to realize we are in this body for a reason. There is a lesson for all of us to learn and the most important one is HOW TO LOVE. One can not love others if they can not first love themselves

Do you have any tattoos? If NO, do you want one? If yes, where are they?

Yes, I have a number of tattoos. Most of my tattoos are spontaneous and from different parts of the world. I love tattoos, I am actually learning how to become a tattooist myself! I find tattoos to be very fascinating. It is a healing session all on its own. It’s a celebration of most people and a closing ceremony for others. It’s a reminder of a struggle or a reminder of life. Either or, the tattoo has become a definite way to express not only who we are, but what we believe in. I got a paper airplane on my ankle in my hotel room in Vietnam. The artist literally carried his machine over and did his job at like 12 am [haha] I got another symbol tattoo on my other ankle from one of my best friend who lives in Inner Mongolia. She has the same birthday as me and her man has the same birthday as my man. When we hang out, it’s like we’re hanging out with a twin couple. On her wedding day, she tattooed me on stage in her wedding gown in front of everybody. A-infinity symbol with our birthdays in it. She also got one as well. That was one of those moments where I would look around and soak in where I am, what I am doing and who I am with. I have profound memories like these and then I have tattoos where I just got it because I was down a couple of bottles of whiskey and life couldn’t be any wilder [haha] I got stars tattooed on me while I was so drunk. Woke up the next morning with a big bandage on my side. Peeling it off and going ohh no– oh no–OH, NOOO– ahh oh well. I also got my ex’s name tattooed on me on my right back hip because who doesn’t do that! it’s cool! [haha] I got it covered with a rose now however so it’s all good! I also got a tattoo by random in Bali while there with my friends. I am definitely planning on getting more tattoos for sure. It is a great way to express what you believe in and who you are. It is just our body, having tattoos does not make us a bad person or that we have bad morals. That is just a silly upbringing that most people have in their minds. I meet people who are covered in tattoos being the nicest, caring and smart people and I’ve met people who are “proper”, go to church and is the most judgmental and selfish people. My goal in becoming a tattooist is to help people to heal themselves. I am learning how to be a spiritual healer and I believe tattoo can help somebody with the cleansing of their problems and start a new beginning. I am very excited with this I have a feeling it has never been done before but that’s okay. There is a first in everything.

Jenuine LoveWhat are your pet peeves?

I am learning how to have more patience and to love and peace at all times. I can not have any pet peeves for this reason. In the past, I would get annoyed over little things like not washing the dishes properly or garbage everywhere but I found out that it was me that had the problem. I needed the control over things and would get annoyed that it wasn’t going my way. Once I realized that and let go, I was able to let things flow more easily and smoothly. Things people do does not annoy me anymore because I am at peace with myself. Everybody is here to learn and have their own experience. My way of doing something might not be the automatic way somebody else would do something so patience is key. Us feeling anger or annoyance, in the end, is it just us. Change your perspective to alter your experience. You are in control of your experiences and feelings at all times so choose positive. Choose love

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

[haha] I don’t think I get embarrassed or I don’t remember any memory like that. I’ve done plenty of silly things, though, falling down on stages, tripping over my shoes and even nipple slips in shoots but none of these are embarrassing to me. I’ve always been known to be outgoing, silly and wild but that does not mean I was never shy or nervous. I just choose to face it anyways, and most the time it always ends in the positive. [haha]

A good example would be my fear of public speaking. I was bullied as a kid on the way I pronounced my English. I just never felt completely comfortable when it comes to meetings, presenting a project or even talking in videos and interviews. It wasn’t until an opportunity to try doing Stand up appeared that I was able to start facing my fear of public speaking. It was a string of random events leading me to a Stand-up comedy show in Hong Kong where I met one of my now comedian teacher Steve. He called me a week after and told me he had signed me up for stand up that night! I had no time to prepare or anything but I agreed. He told me if I want to learn something, I must put myself in it and just do it! My heart was pounding out of my chest but I had no time to be nervous. This is me facing my fear and I am coming out no less than a winner. Steve helped me clean up my stories at the club and I went on and won best comic of the night! I am sure they gave that to every new comic but winning it really boosted my confident! I went on to do Stand up every week there and my fear of public speaking has drastically approved. Because of this experience, I now have a dream of doing seminars sharing tools on how to improve one’s confident, lifestyle and happiness. Help people get over their fears and to face life head on and be excited for all the wonderful experiences coming their way. I am in the middle of writing an empowerment program for Women using meditation, self-defense and improvising to uplift and change perspectives.

Jenuine LoveWho’s your biggest role model?

My Role model would be my parents. They struggle and work hard all their lives. They believe in family and respect and taught me how to be a good woman. I look up to my parents as role models but I don’t intend to be like exactly like them. I will take what resonate with me but I will also evolve and add my own experiences and twists as I grow older. My mom taught me how to clean and cook like every traditional woman should and today I am an independent woman who can also do your laundry and cook you dinner. I am an international model but I don’t mind sweeping and mopping the house. I’ve stayed at a friends place before where I cleaned up his whole kitchen. Scrubbed each tile and cleaned every corner as a surprise to say thank you for letting me stay. Other than that, I don’t have a role model or anybody, in particular, I look up to or follow. I am just learning more and more about myself everyday evolving into somebody new at every moment. The only person I want to be is better than who I was yesterday.

Would you consider yourself a flirt? Do other people think you are?

I don’t consider myself a flirt but a lot of other people do. I am super friendly and people who have spoken with me would always say they feel as though they have known me for a long time. People open up to me very easily and I guess that’s how people mistook it as flirting? I’ve had guys assume I am flirting when I was just being nice. I’ve had girls think I was flirting when I wasn’t. I think it just makes it hard to be nice at all to people [haha]  I am honestly super nice. I believe in love hence my name Jenuine Love. If people come say hi, I will definitely say hi back. I don’t think I am better than anybody so why wouldn’t I!

What is it about a guy or girl that turns you on/off?

I think it is super sexy when a guy is considerate. When he knows how to take a joke and dish one too. A guy who isn’t afraid to talk deep about life and space. Someone who isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. A confident smile and great attitude is always nice. OH, a good smelling cologne isn’t always a bad idea. Some of the things that turns me off would be yellow teeth, bad breath, a guy who’s all into himself and what he wears and drives, a know it all, disrespectful and close-minded. I don’t even bother.

What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Going on a random adventure. Camping even or just Somewhere outdoors perhaps a picnic under the stars or wide skies somewhere. Lay a blanket out with snacks and candles where we would just stay with each other and talk about all the wonders of life and how our path has crossed now.

Jenuine LoveWould you consider yourself a sexpert?

I don’t know what a Sexpert is but I think I love sex like any normal dude would. I mean lady. [haha] I think in my relationships I’ve always been the more “sexual” one. I do more groping than the guy and I even dry hump plenty too. I think every girl does at least once! [haha] I think it’s pretty funny. Honestly, us ladies don’t get much to play with here! You guys got the boobies, the hips, and the booties. Plenty of hand switching positions to choose from, us ladies got a stick and some balls. Could you blame us for trying to be creative? I think it’s fair that what a guy can touch on us, we should be able to touch back the same. I like fair. Fair is good
How long do you make someone wait before having sex?

I don’t really have a rule like how many days/ dates before doing anything. Of course, I’m not also just sitting there with my legs wide open or anything.  I go with the flow and vibes. Are our energy mingling and dancing? Are we connecting on a deeper level? If I feel like I want to smash our bodies together and have ourselves a magical night then who is to stop us from creating this masterpiece. Sometimes the energy just pulls two people together, maybe this isn’t true love and I am not going to get married but in the moment of the now, everything feels just right. Always go with what your heart wants and don’t over think.

What the most spontaneous thing you ever did sexually?

[haha] I have had my share of “spontaneous” sex. I believed in trying everything at least once. I’ve had a 3 some before. It was an  EXTREMELY HORRIBLE experience. I can say I look back and laugh at it more than anything else [haha] Just a string of awkward and weird situations. I left with a busted lip and cuts “down there” too. The dude’s teeth were like razors! so not cool!  It was not what I thought it would be [haha] Another time I was having sex on a balcony in Mexico and as we were finishing, the fireworks started and were blowing up behind us. I thought that was pretty spontaneous and cool.

What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

I went and bought a bunch of fake roses and candles from the dollar store. I cut it all up and sprinkle it into a path from the front door to this room. Inside that room is a big heart laid out in roses and candles. I wore a sexy outfit and waited in the middle of the heart. My man came home and saw the roses and followed the path leading him to me. He was very surprised and loved it! Men usually don’t get this kind of treatment. Well, you should know what goes down after that! I gave him the goods!  [haha] The cheapest best gift I ever. Only cost me $25 and he was so blown away. The experience was priceless.

Do you want people to see you for your brains or your beauty?

I would choose brain over beauty any day. I am in the transitioning of showing more of my “brainy” side. I want people to know that just because you’re pretty does not mean you are also stupid. I read every day and love to talk deep. I have been showing just my beauty for a long time but 2017 is going to be a whole new wave. I am happy to be able to talk about other things I love that fascinates me.

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