Kanye West Dissociating Himself From Politics

There was a time when the hip-hop star Kanye West also called ye had given his support to Donald Trump and in his own words described that Trump had made him feel like a hero. Kanye also released a song ‘I could be president’ in support of Donald. The admiration was mutual, and the singer was even invited to the White House for a meeting with Trump.

But the social media today tells a different story. Kanye West on his twitter has clearly mentioned that he wants to move away from politics. He further added that he has been ‘used’ to spread messages. It is speculated that a new line called ‘Blexit’ reportedly designed by Kanye has been launched by Candace Owens who is a political activist. About this line, Kanye further stated in his twitter account that he introduced Candace who made the logo and evidently they ‘used’ Kanye’s name instead of using theirs. The Blexit campaign was apparently created in order to motivate African Americans to quit the Democratic Party, and thus it created a controversy.

In a string of tweets, Kanye assured that he believes in creating opportunities and jobs for people who need them the most. He also said he backs the prison reform and common sense gun laws which would help in creating a safer world. He additionally talked about parents struggling to protect their children from violence and war and ended the statements thanking everyone.

Kim Kardashian, his wife in support of her husband, said that Kanye is not effective in communication but is good at heart.

Kanye is the most publicly praised celebrity of present generation for his work. Many celebrities including Niki Minaj and Drake have said that they have been influenced by West. He supposedly has the most number of albums back to back. His latest album ‘Yandhi’ is yet to be released in November.

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