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Valentine’s Day the Kanye West Way

Kanye West just gave his wife, Kim Kardashian the most extra Valentine's Day surprise ever. It comes as no surprise considering how consistently Kanye showers her with extravagance even on regular days! For Valentines's Day 2019, Kanye filled their living room with red, white, and pink roses ...

Kanye West Dissociating Himself From Politics

There was a time when the hip-hop star Kanye West also called ye had given his support to Donald Trump and in his own words described that Trump had made him feel like a hero. Kanye also released a song ‘I could be president’ in support of Donald. The admiration was mutual, and the singer was even ...

Best Husband Alert: Here’s What Kanye Got for Kim K for Christmas

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Kanye West could be nominated for the best husband award but he actually got the trophy already. The music rapper and producer got his wife, Kim Kardashian, stocks from big companies as a Christmas present. Kanye West could not make it more perfect for his wife this Christmas ...

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