Taylor Swift’s Feud With Kim Kardashian Reignites

Tailor Swift has a constant feud with Kim Kardashian which seems to be reignited and is taken to the next level as she makes bullying remarks in New. She hints at the TV reality show star by bringing up her comments once again which spirals her to a new low. Indeed, this feud between Swift and Kardashian knows no end. Although Kim remarks to Andy Cohen that she has moved on from her feud with Taylor, the singer Taylor Swift has different ideas. In the Elle Magazine New Column, the star accuses Kim of launching the hate campaign which was totally uncalled for. She has hinted on Kim stating that the 29-year-old singer has hurt her deeply by addressing her venomous snake over the internet.

She states clearly that someone a few years back started a hate campaign against her by addressing her snake over the internet. This is the remark by Tailor Swift made recently on the Elle Magazine New column.

Tailor Swift and Kim Kardashian

Tailor further says that this act of Kim has totally made her feel lower. She never felt like this ever in her life. Kim has labeled Tailor a snake following Kayne West, her rapper husband, remarking Swift as ‘That bitch’ in the track called ‘Famous’. This is why Swift took her rapper husband to task. West has stated that he got approval from Tailor Swift for addressing her ‘That Bitch’, but she refused. Kardashian comes in between and releases videos of the phone conversation to suggest National Snake Day for Tailor Swift would be a holiday. To this, Swift clearly remarks that she intends to give up music prior to reclaiming that snake motif for the sixth album called ‘Reputation’. In January, however, Kim remarks that she no longer has a feud with Taylor Swift. She says that she has moved on.

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