Kim Kardashian Denies Claims She Was Attacked While Leaving LA Restaurant

Kim Kardashian has denied claims she was physically assaulted while leaving a Los Angeles restaurant on Sunday night.

The 36-year-old reality star was joined by friends at celebrity favorite eatery Mr Chow in Beverly Hills as they had a bite to eat after the LA Fashion Awards.

As she left the restaurant, Kim Kardashian was approached by a young Asian man, who ended up grazing her breast with his hand as he attempted to get up close to the star.

Several outlets ran the pictures and stated that the mother-of-two had been “physically assaulted” by the man, but Kim quickly took to her social media to set the record straight.

“So @JonathanCheban just called me & asked if I was ok & read online I was attacked outside of Mr. Chow. Totally not true! Such weird rumors,” she wrote on Twitter.

Her comment came after a photographer outside the restaurant told agency “Kim was just shocked; she was horrified. The fact that the dude touched her breast and was so in her face made her terrified. Even us photographers couldn’t believe what was happening.”

However, a source close to Kim Kardashian told E! News that while she was left “shocked” by the incident, she thankfully had her security team on hand to step in.

Kim’s initial horror at the situation may have been fueled by the fact she is still attempting to come to terms with the horrific armed robbery ordeal she was subjected to in Paris, France, last October.

Kanye West’s wife has since spoken about the terrifying incident on reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, telling the camera of the moment she was set upon by a gang of masked, gun-wielding men:

“OK, this is the moment they’re going to rape me. I fully mentally prepped myself – and then he didn’t.

“I just knew that was the moment. They’re just totally going to shoot me in the head. I just prayed that (my sister) Kourtney’s going to have a normal life after she sees my dead body on the bed.”

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