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VELAband Peach Booty builder

Get Your Booty Right For The Summer With This Simple Workout     1) Lateral Band Walks: Lateral Band walks are one of my go-to exercises for glute engagement. The time under tension on the glutes while doing this exercise is great! Time under tension is great for a muscle, ...

Essential In-Home Fitness Accessories

Essential In-Home Workout Accessories Here are the four essential accessories to start your in-home workouts. The accessories mentioned below will help you with mobilization of joints, loosening up myofascia, and strengthening your muscles while not taking up too much space in your apartment, ...

Los Angeles Fit Expo 2018

When you decide that you need to lose weight you literally can't do that overnight without surgery. New Year's is a good time for resolutions, and most people look in the mirror after they binged on all of their holiday feasts and leftovers and say to themselves, "I've got to get to a gym." My ...

5 Muscle Training Myths

If you've been muscle training, here's a short list of bodybuilding fiction. 12 Rep rule Most weight training program include this much repetitions for gaining muscle. The truth is this approach places the muscles with not enough tension for effective muscle gain. High tension e.g. heavy ...

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