Watch a Speeding Train Blast Commuters With Snow

Passengers waiting on the platform got a taste of snow when a speeding Amtrak commuter train came smashing into the station shortly after a winter snowstorm. Incredibly, one passenger, Nick Colvin filmed the entire thing in slow motion, until he himself was buried in snow.

Parents claim Hatchimals swear in their sleep

The news follows numerous complaints that Hatchimals are failing to hatch. Now, some parents are claiming the most-hyped toy of the season has a potty mouth. Hatchimals, which sold out in stores in the weeks leading up to Christmas, live in a plastic egg and "hatch" into interactive creatures that ...

Miami Voted Best City For Guys With Facial Hair

Facial Hair,  sunshine, white sand It's a recipe for happiness anywhere, especially in Miami, where beards are abuzz. The city's let-it-grow lifestyle is why it now holds the title of Most Facial Hair Friendly City in America, according to an annual study from Wahl, the Official Sponsor of Facial ...

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