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Fever is a hybrid sexy urban lifestyle and consumer electronics magazine. We present a unique blend of entertainment news and technology reviews from around the globe. Fever embodies a unique combination of edgy articles that feature music coverage, A-list celebrities, promising newcomers, sports figures, new technologies, fashion, politics, sex, health, and travel. You can’t have a visually appealing editorial…this needs revision. How about “Fever Magazine’s high-quality editorials and visually stunning photography stimulate both the mind and the senses.

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The number of new consumer electronics that enter the marketplace each year is staggering and only increases as advancements in technology are made worldwide. Fever Magazine is made to help show how this new technology can fit into our everyday lifestyle. All consumer electronic and video game reviews are written by certified technology professionals.


Fever Magazine specializes in catering to a diverse audience. Our visitors have not only spending power but are tech-savvy users who make intelligent buying decisions.
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